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The basic human nature urges us to push the limits to see how far we can go. People have different kinds of fears – some fear deep waters, some fear fire while others shy away from heights. Thanks to the invention of various kinds of adventure sports, you can test your mental and physical strength and get over your reservations. One such adventure sport that has escalated to the heights of popularity is sky diving. It gives you the chance of having a birds’ eye view of the land while you shoot out of a moving aircraft and free-fall towards the land at immense speed. Many adventure seekers travel to the North Indian regions for getting the Himalayan skydiving experience.

Himalayan skydiving experience

Photo by flawedartist

Mastering fear and technique

Before embarking on the journey to get the one-of-a-kind experience, you need to take the preliminary lessons. Even them the chances of anything going wrong are always there. Thus, the novice adventure sport lovers are often accompanied by experts. If you want to take it seriously and enjoy the special Himalayan skydiving experience, then mastering the technical skills is a must.

Many places in India are considered as hot spots for skydivers. But if you want to go a step further then it is better to opt for a location that is closer to the Himalayan ranges. The proposition is not for those with weak stomach. Most Indians who desire to get the amazing experience head to the neighboring country of Nepal. But before you go, it is better to known about the rules and estimated expense. A quick search on the internet will give you details of skydiving in Nepal price. Apart from Nepal and other North Indian states, the popularity of skydive in Pokhara is also climbing up the charts.

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Himalayan skydiving experience

Details about Himalayan skydiving experience

The price that any agency charges for one session depends on many things. One of the aspects is from what height you want to make the jump. All agencies associated with the sport are registered with the authority and undergo frequent monitoring. As Nepal is mainly depended on tourism, the skydiving in Nepal price is less than the price that is charged by any agency that operated within India. Many such organizations organize skydiving from Himachal Pradesh. Here, you will get to skydive over the lower Himalayas. Get the details about the Everest skydive price before enrolling yourself for the adventurous experience.

Skydiving over the lofty ranges

Most of the states located in the Himalayan areas have all the characteristics for serving the requirements of the adventure lovers who want a Himalayan skydiving experience. One such place that is located in the central part of Nepal is Pokhara. The natural beauty of the place will mesmerize you. There is the peaceful lake that is the primary attraction for all tourists. But those of you who want to experience the adrenalin rush must make way to skydive in Pokhara. Though it is an expensive sport, the recent increase in the registered clubs have trigger a competition for attraction more tourists. The lack of monopoly in the market has balanced the skydiving in Nepal price.

Himalayan skydiving experiencePhoto by flawedartist

Increasing prominence of Indian agencies

If you are not interested in opting for skydive in Pokhara, then searching the internet with the right keywords will provide you ample information on the hot spots for skydiving in India. Many areas in Dehradun, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh will offer the adventure lovers with a chance of taking a look at the majestic Himalayan Mountains. The Everest skydive price is well within the budget of tourists. But people with any heart condition or asthma should refrain from taking part in such sports.

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So, if you have the desire of conquering the skies, then it is the right time to get the required information.

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