Elephant Beach – An Adventurous Trek Along The Andamans

Elephant Beach, a lively and attractive beach in Havelock island of Andaman and Nicobar, is a perfect choice for adventure sports. Trekking is one of the most popular activities one can venture to in this beautiful beach and enjoy the clear blue waters and the whitish sand.

The trekking path towards the beach is quite excellent and enchanting, crossing through stretches of marshlands and mangrove forests. Trekkers can immerse in the enthralling cool breeze in the air and walk alongside the wide stretch of trees in the forests.

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One can avail of any professional tourist guide to assist through the entire journey as it is very essential to be aware of the route to the beach and not get lost within the marshlands. If you are quite adventurous and want to go solo, then it is preferable to either carry a map or be thoroughly aware of the curves and bends within the route.

Trekkers Know-how

October to January is the best season for trekking. It’s recommended to start the trek at 8:00 AM in the morning as the temperature is quite moderate at that time. Trekkers can either opt for only trekking or some can also combine trekking and snorkeling. Enthusiast visitors generally love to enjoy both and soak themselves into the waters to discover the stunning marine world with the coral reefs.

The entire trek lasts for approximately 30-45 minutes. After reaching the beach one can soothe the eyes with the refreshing view of the sparkling waters or go for snorkeling. The best time to return from the beach is 1 PM as the weather starts to become quite hot and due to the forests and marshy areas, there may be danger of poisonous bugs and insects.

It’s better to carry some light food and water along within a bag pack as one may feel hungry after the walk. Since the trek is along grasslands and dense forests hence wearing appropriate covered shoes is a must. Generally, its recommended to wear swamp boots or waterproof boots. A cotton shirt and shorts or hiking trousers are the best options to wear as it prevents overheating and one can move through the marshy areas with ease.

The Journey

The trek stretches for approximately 300 meters with a serene and captivating view of the flora and fauna around. The calm and tranquil environment imbibes enthusiasm within the nature-loving trekkers and hence tourists every year are tempted to visit this wonderful place.

There are options of renting scooters too if one doesn’t prefer walking along the coastal path. The path is bit steep but the greenery encompassing the journey relieves the tiredness and revives the soul with new energy.

Wildlife and nature enthusiasts will love the lush green forests where one can get a glimpse of Komodo dragons, crabs, mud keepers and the spreading roots of the mangroves. The cutout tree trunks seem to instill a scenic difference in the beauty of the place.

The Concluding path

The end point of the trek is quite amazing as you are greeted by the glittering sea waters with the flowing waves, the coral reefs, soothing greenery, the sea animals and fish near the shore. The vastness of the sea with its crystal clear waters generates a positive feeling within, as you get encompassed by the cool breeze and the scintillating atmosphere in the freshness of the Elephant Beach.

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