Dream World – A Sophisticated Park In Athirappilly Near Thrissur

Dream World, situated near the scenic Athirappilly, is a modern sophisticated water park in Southern India. The amazing location of the park at the backdrop of the Athirappilly waterfalls and the spectacular towns of Vazhachal, Thumboormuzhy, and Sholayar. Offering almost 42 thrilling rides and decorated with green lawns and well-tiled pavements, the park attracts thousands of tourists from all across the world.

The park is opened from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Sunday. The nearest railway station is Chalakkudy, 11 km from the park and Thrissur Main station, 39 km from the park. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, 31 km from the park. You can also hire a cab or ride in your own car to reach the park.

The Rides

The park hosts a myriad array of water and land water rides.

The Enthralling Water Rides

The main attraction of the park is the Space Bowl. You will feel a stimulating experience aboard the ride initiating from a height of 40 feet and travelling through a tunnel at an exhilarating speed. The riders can feel the effect of a tornado and to add to the excitement, they are rotated inside an onion-shaped bowl before being swashed inside a water pool.

The Stormy River and the Mat Racer are the two prominent rides of the park. The fun-loving minds of the visitors will be rejuvenated and uplifted inside the Stormy River ride, resembling an exuberant flowing river flooded with waters from about 10 pumps. The ride originates from a height of 30 feet and follows several twists and turns and eventually splashes into a big water pool. Mat Racer is another thrilling ride comprising of five water lanes starting from a height of 40 feet. Riders can glide in parallel with family and friends. It is a delightful experience as the ride swings like a pendulum at a speed of 30 to 40 km/hour and landing at a horizontal pool of water.

You can further quench your adventurous heart as you ride along the Crazy Cruise and Dream Splash. The Dream Splash is a thrilling ride, carrying the riders in a boat and almost dropping them with an intensifying splash into a huge pool of water.

A unique feature of the park is the Wave pool, an artificial replica of a sea generating huge flowing waves with varied patterns. Four majestic dragons spurt out waters on the visitors swimming along the waters. There is also a big shark at the top of the pool gushing out showers of water on the visitors. You can also relax at the pavilion beside the sea shore and enjoy a chilled drink or watch the television shows.

If you want to experience a non-stop thrilling experience then snuggle yourself into the Dream Shower. Multiple water showers, tilting buckets, water slides, tunnels, and swings entertain the visitors in this zone. Prolong the magical effect of your rejuvenating minds by tapping your feet in the Rain Dance floor accompanied by rain showers, snow showers, dazzling lights, and lively music beats.

At the end or in between, if you want to relax and enjoy a calm ride then hop into the single ring tubes floating across the serene and tranquil Lazy River. The river flows past an island with beautiful flowers, trees and over bridges.

The Mermaid Pool for Kids and Women

The main attractions of the Mermaid Pool are Typhoon Tunnel, Zoom Ride, Down Hill Ride, Dolphin Ride, Family Ride and many more. The rides are present at three different segments of the pool, two of them for kids up to 3 years and up to 12 years respectively and the third one for the women. The kids and the toddlers can also enjoy themselves inside the Zoom ride.

The Unique Amazon River Experience

If you want to be transmitted into the rain forests of Amazon and enliven your wild life spirits, then visit the replica of the World’s longest river in the park. The riders board on double or triple ring tubes and start gliding from a 30 feet tower at a lightning speed along the 500 feet long river. The tubes pass through several zigzag routes, twists, and turns and plunge inside a water pool.

The Spectacular Land Rides

The land rides with the Striking Car and the Flying Columbus offer the similar thrilling experience along with the water rides. The bumping cars with the riders dash against each other accompanied by melodious music and glittering lights. Resembling a pendulum, the Flying Columbus oscillates the riders to and fro at a lightning speed.

It is a delightful experience to watch the kids aboard the Dragon train and the Caterpillar train as they gleefully chitter-chatter among themselves. The kids and the toddlers also enjoy themselves inside the Multi-game complex amongst swings, see-saws, rollers, ladders, and slides.

An interesting funny ride inside the park is the Revolving Barrel. It is especially entertaining for the viewers, watching the riders attempting to walk inside a revolving barrel but drop flat amusingly. Their comic actions create a droll of laughter among the audience.

Sky Train

The park also hosts a Sky train that moves across a monorail track at a height of 25 feet in the sky. With a capacity to accommodate 20 persons and 5 compartments, the visitors will be transmitted into a fairyland while enjoying the stunning landscape of the park.

Other Attractions

The other attractions in the park are MaxD Theatre and 3D Theatre which hosts several shows. There are few other rides to keep the visitors engaged, Jungle Theme Ride, Loop Ride, Boomerang and Open Rain dance.

Several food joints, ice cream parlors, and restaurants are available for the visitors who spend the entire day in the park.

Dream World with its array of charismatic amusements and beauty offers the most exotic weekend getaway for the locals as well as tourists in the southern part of India.

Featured Photo of ‘The Singapore Flyer’ by Jorge Láscar under CC BY 2.0

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