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Dosa is one of those Indian dishes which taste absolutely out of the world. It hails from South India, but you would be surprised to know these crispy South Indian pan cakes are relished all over the country. In fact, it has also made its special place across the globe, I guess the reason is surely the deliciousness of this dish that gets its all the popularity.

Don’t Know What Dosa Is?

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I feel Dosa is one dish that almost everyone knows, but in case you are among those who do not know then let me take the pride of introducing this Legend to you. The typical staple food from the South India which consist of crepes made from a fermented batter of soaked rice and urad daal is known as Dosa. Typically, a Dosa is accompanied with Chutney and a tangy sambhar. The best part about this dish is the versatility, one can easily play around with the contents, condiments and even the base flour. Probably the credit goes to the versatility that today we see hundreds of scrumptious varieties id Dosa which can easily give any fast food a run for its money.

The World Famous Dosa

Let me share some interesting facts about Dosa’s. Our crispy savoury pancakes as I said are popular across the globe. They are listed among the World’s 50 most Delicious Foods and had also made its place in the Top 10 Tasty Foods of the world. So I guess that talks a lot about the popularity of our scrumptious Dosa. To vouch on the rankings, the main thing is to try it yourself I am sure you will love it just like the whole world does.

The Traditional Way of Preparing Dosa Batter

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Dosa’s is all about that perfectly fermented batter made with a mixture of rice and black grams. Both these ingredients are soaked in water and then grounded very finely into a batter. The proportion of the rice and lentils also play an important role, what I know traditionally 4:1 is the correct proportion. Once the batter is ready it is left to ferment overnight. Fermentation is an important process to get the right frothy dosa batter. Once the batter is well fermented mix it with water and pour a full ladle straight in a hot tawa and spread it round and even. Ghee plays an important part to enhance the flavour of the Dosa’s so one can be generous with the amount to get those golden crisp beauties.

Common Side Items With Dosa

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Dosa are a quick and filling meal, they stuffed with potato or mixed veggies fillings to make it more wholesome. Typically, Dosa’s are served with a side dish which is vegetarian. But again it varies depending on different regions and even personal preferences. Check out below the common side items eaten with Dosa’s:

1. Sambar

A tangy soup made with toor daal. Typically onions, tomatoes, drum sticks dry red chilles and tamrind go in to make the perfect sambhar. Some add a variety of veggies to the sambhar and they taste equally good.

2. Chutney

Coconut chutney is another typical side dish served with dosa’s. In south india one would see a variety of chutneys made with one core ingredient and that is coconut. The colours of the chutney differ, I have tried green, red and white and all taste heavenly.

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3. Dry chutney

Dry chutney popularly known as molagapodi or podi, this is basically a powder made with spices. Sometimes desiccated coconut is also added to it.

4. Indian pickles

I feel pickles can complement anything then why not Dosa’s.

5. Chicken Curry \ Mutton Curry

Yes, you got to try this combination. Once I saw a dish called chicken dosas on the menu of one hotel, I ordered it out of curiosity. What I got was shocking at that point of time, it was a simple chicken curry with plain dosa’s. I felt funny, but when I ate it I felt it was one of the most awesome combinations with Dosas.

6. Vegetable Korma

Spicy and Tangy Korma made with a bundle of veggies prove to be one of the best and wholesome combinations with Dosa. All around the south of India you will get these scrumptious korma and these are an absolute must try. Typically Korma is served with Rava Dosa and Onion Rava Dosa, but you can always ask for it if you want to try it with your favourite variety.

10 Much Loved Varieties Of Dosa’s

masala dosa tawa photo

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As I said earlier, this dish is too versatile and there are hundreds of varieties available. Check out below my pick of 10 best varieties of dosa’s. Do try these and I can guarantee you too will become a part of the Dosa Fan Club like me.

1. Neer Dosa

This one is my favourite, I remember trying it in my office canteen and was shocked to see such a different variety of Dosa. Neer Dosas are a very popular and customary dish from the state of Karnataka. Do you know what does the word Neer mean? Well it means water. And the significance of the name here is to make neer dosa you need a runny batter made of rice and coconut. The best thing about neer dosa is that the batter doesn’t need to be fermented, just soak grind and get going. Unlike the other dosa’s, neer dosa isn’t too crisp but instead these are silky soft just melt in mouth.

2. Pesarattu (Green Gram Dosas)

Filled with the goodness of Green Gram, there can be no better way to begin your day than this one. High on nutritious note, Pesarattu is an authentic dish from Andhra Pradesh. This one scores high on the health meter and breaks all records when it comes to taste.

rava dosa photoPhoto by arvindgrover

3. Rava Dosas

This is another popular and all-time favourite breakfast dish from the South India. Thin like wafers these dosa’s are made with Sooji or semolina. The batter consists of flour, rice flour, curd, semolina some spices. The Rava dosa taste absolutely different from the regular dosa’s, but the best part about them is the crispiness. Here in Bangalore, Rava Dosa’s are served with a vegetable korma.

4. Ragi Wheat Dosas

This is a very healthy breakfast dish. When I moved to the south I was introduced to this calcium rich grain. I somehow didn’t like the other ragi dishes, but this dosa is a must try. Its high on taste and health too, do give it a try I am sure you will make it regularly for breakfast at your home. There is no better way to rake the daily dose of calcium than this.

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5. Mini Soya Dosa

Another healthy version of dosa’s to suit one’s diet plans. Full of the goodness of the Soya milk and wheat flour this dish acts a perfect energiser. Since this dosa is rich in fiber it will help you you’re your cravings in place.

masala dosa photoPhoto by sashafatcat

6. Masala Dosas

Masala Dosa, this one doesn’t need any introduction as it’s the king itself isn’t it? Masala Dosa is one among the list of most delicious foods in the world. It is a real classic and can never ever fail to impress any one. Made with the typical rice and urad dal fermented batter, these crispy dosa’s with that potato filling can beat any junk food easily.

7. Onion Rava Dosa

A different version of the Rava dosa’s, these golden beauties come with a crisp which is just so delectable. This version comes with a little variation where onions are added to the same Rava Dosa Batter. But trust me this addition takes this entire dish to a whole new level.

8. Cheese Chilli Dosa

Indians are open to a lot of experiment, and when it comes to some real experiments they try it with ingredients from all over the world. I tried this cheese chilli dosa on a 99 variety dosa Van on the street of Bangalore. And this one was out of the world. I feel cheese is one ingredient that can made any dish really happening. Initially this dish sounded funny to me but when it had it there was a huge explosion of western flavours in that desi texture.

set dosa photoPhoto by Charles Haynes

9. Set Dosas

Soft, Light, Fluffy and Spongy version of Dosa. Thinking what is the secret behind the name of this Dosa, well there is no hi tech science behind this one. A simple logic indeed that this Dosa is served in a set of 3. Hot set of 3 dosas come with a delicious Korma and chutney of course.

10. Mysore Masala Dosas

This one is for all who love spice. This version of Dosa will make you fall in love with the very first bite itself. What makes the mysore masala Dosas fiery hot is the red chutney which is pout in it. Crispy Dosas, fiery red chutney and that scrumptious masala aloo filling is indeed a match made in the heaven. This is a must try dish at least once in your lifetime, and you definitely won’t regret.

As I said there are hundreds of variations to this one legend Dosa, and you got to believe each and every one is equally delicious. It’s so surprising that so much innovation can be done with this very one dish. Dosa’s are legendary dish from India, and the new innovations are continuing to add further to the charm of this one dish. My mouth is already watering, in fact I have even decided which one from the above list I am going to order now, when are you ordering your plate of Dosa, Sambhar and chutney?

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Dosa: The Crispy Savoury Pancakes From South India

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