Doon School – One Of The Finest Schools In India

The Doon school is a boy’s only school. It is one of the few independent boys-only boarding school situated at Dehradun. The school comprises of a huge 72 acres campus and was founded by Satish Rajan Das in 1935.

One of the Finest Schools available in India

It is one of the few schools where applications are received from almost all the states of India. The Doon school also receives applications from Indian families living overseas. The school specializes in an all-boys boarding education where pupils aged 12 to 18 years can take admission. The school has 5 main houses and two holding houses.

New students for the initial first year stay in the holding houses before moving to the main houses. The huge 72 acres campus of the school comprises of a lot of flora and fauna. It is also a house to a lot of bird life around the premises.

The Doon school is located in the greener areas of Dehradun, so naturally, a lot of trees are around the campus. The chandbagh estate in Dehradun was acquired from the Forest Research Institute to house the school. This part was once a deer park. The IPSS also acquired another adjoining estate known as skinners field. That is why the campus provides ample amount of green space and fresh air to the students to live and learn there. This kind of environment is rarely found or available at different schools found in various other parts of India. The school has around 150 different species of trees on its campus and also has a variety of birds. There is also a booked based on the vegetation found on the campus of Doon, titled as the Trees of Chandbagh.

The Doom School is the perfect place to groom and educate your child.

Along with learning the children also get an opportunity to venture into theatre and music. The school houses an Amphitheatre which can seat around 2000 people at a time. There is also a music library, a concert hall and several other rooms which can be used by students to teach and learn musical instruments.

The Doon school is known to provide bright students every year. On an average 65% of the student from this school secure more than 90% marks in the ICSE. More than 70% of the students graduating from this school already have an offer from universities and colleges of their preferred choice.

The school comprises of highly qualified teaching staff, a wellness center and school counselor where a student can approach and take advise. There has been constant pressure from various political leaders to change the boys only school and allow admissions to girls as well, however, in spite of all the constant pressure, the Doon school remains a boys-only boarding school. The Doon school also promotes sports on a large level. They have over 30 acres of playing field. Sports such as cricket, hockey, football, tennis, badminton, basketball, swimming, and gymnastics are played. They also have tournaments conducted internally.

People want their children to study at the Doon school because of the grooming and the level of education received there is of the highest quality.

Featured Photo: Landour View of Doon Valley by paulhami under CC BY-SA 2.0

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