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Isn’t that a really strange name? It sounds strange but Doodh-E-Pathri/Dodhpathri/Doadh Pathir is the second Gulmarg located in Kashmir. Doodh is a Hindi term which means Milk and this place is a valley of milk. Still wondering why this strange name? It is because of a belief that this valley produces rick milk in a very large quantity after the cattle splendidly grazes the land. 

kashmir valley photo

Photo by tkohli

Doodh-E-Pathri: A Beautiful Bowl Shaped Valley Of Milk

Doodh-E-Pathri is a hot evolving tourist spot located in the Budham district. it is situated at around 42 kilometres from Srinagar. Being a recent discovery, this spot is truly blessed with fine natural beauty. It has one of the most stunning hill resort covered with lush green pastures. The beauty of this place is truly untouched and will leave you speechless with its charming and refreshing surroundings.

What can be more perfect than being surrounded by thick forest, hearing the echo of the flowing river and feeling and smelling the winds pass through the pine trees. Doodh-E-Pathri is a perfect spot to spend a relaxing day with friends and family.

If you are an adventure lover, then get ready to experience some real time trekking as Doodh-E-Pathri is also a base camp for many treks.

Bad Roads But Great View

One of the drawback is the roads to reach this point, they are a bit under developed and quite narrow so it might not be a good experience to reach this spot. But if you keep the bad roads aside and look at the surroundings, you might see awesome views on both the side of the roads which is worth watching. You get to see small vegetable farms dressed with a variety of pears and apples, these will definitely tempt you up.

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Secrets of the “VALLEY OF MILK” Doodh-E-Pathri

Why is it called the Valley of Milk?

The reason of this place being called the valley of milk is that it produces large quantity of rich milk. it is believed that after the cattle’s graze in the fields of Doodh-E-Pathri, it produces rich milk in high amounts. Many shepherds travel to Doodh-E-Pathri and stay here together from different areas along with their cattle.

Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani Discovered Milk @ Doodh-E-Pathri

According to a myth Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani also popular as Sheikhul Alam was in hunt of water for offering his prayers. While he was searching for water he tried to pierce the ground with his stick and he saw milk gushing out of the hole. Since this discovery was made this place is known as Doodh-E-Pathri .

Apart from the mesmerising beauty, the people at this place are very simple and hospitable in nature. The primary occupation of the locals is sheep and goat rearing and they live in huts made of mud . Do visit this place on your visit to Kashmir as its worth spending an entire day here amidst nature sipping a hot cup of tea and feeling the cool winds . Nothing can be more relaxing and pleasurable than sitting in the laps of mother nature and forgetting all the hustle bustle of life.

Photo by Koshur Samchar, Ahmedabad

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