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If you are interested in the political history of the country India and its freedom, then you should know some hidden facts about the Red Fort which is located in the capital of the country. This place is now known and protected as for celebrating the freedom day of the country on 15th August every year. But if you look into its history you may get to know some interesting facts.

Background of the Red Fort

The Red Fort is one of the heritages that were built in the Mughal age. The walls of the fort were made of red sand, and this is why it is called Red Fort now. In the historic age, the fort was a seat of the Mughal emperor Shahjahan who moved in the fort from Agra. At that time Delhi was called Shahjahanabad by the emperor. Mughal emperors spent 200 years at that fort while ruling the country. Lastly, the fort was owned by the British. The fort can give you the feel of the historic age. Their architecture, living style, and culture were reflected at their heritage. The Red Fort was planned by the Mughals in a better way that the Agra fort.

Red Fort

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Architecture of the fort

The Red Fort is one of the most glorious historic places in India. This fort was established by the Mughals in such a manner that can reflect their cultures in a prominent way. The Mughal style is a mixture of the Persian, Hindu and Timurid cultures that were reflected on their heritages like the Red Fort. There are different parts of the fort that were used by the Mughals in various purposes and accordingly these had different names.

Diwan-i-‘Am was established as the Hall of the public audience, and the Diwan-i-Khas was a Hall of the private audience at this Red Fort in Mughal age. If you enter into the fort, you find the fort you get to see the Drum House which was used to play music to welcome while entering to the Diwan-i-‘Am. There are various famous places in the fort that have some historical background. The lifestyle of the Mughals can be understood in a detailed manner if you visit the Red Fort and every corner of it.

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The interesting facts are hidden at every corner of the Red Fort. The historic glory and the lifestyle of the emperors of the country can be understood and enjoyed by you. The glamor of the historic place is undoubtedly thrilling and attractive. The walls and the pillars of the fort are decorated with various designs to enhance its beauty.

Rang Mahal is another place in the Red Fort which is known for its amazing walls where the designer embedded the tiny pieces of the mirrors. This place is also known as the Seeshmahal for these mirrors on the ceiling. There was a pool at this place, and the ceiling was designed with the gold and the silver and the reflection of these metals created magical colors on the pools. The pool was located at the center of the place and fed by Nahr-i-Behisht. There is also a Marble basin where the Ivory Fountain was placed. The basin and the pool were used to be filled up by the continuous water from Yamuna River which was located on the north side of the fort.

Apart from these remarkable places, there are some other remarkable places that also carry some historic story of the Mughal emperors. Mumtaz Mahal, Khas Mahal, Hammams, Muthamman Burj, Moti Masjid and more places can be visited by the travelers. These places are not rich for their historic backgrounds but their mind blowing architecture and design of the artists can reveal the high-choices of the emperors of the country. Their rich and lavish life style and their personalities can be guessed from these living places. The Red Fort was planned in a remarkable way to give protection and comfort to the emperors.

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Red Fort

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Travel to the fort

If you are interested to visit the place, then you should know that the ideal time to enjoy the environment of the fort is November to February. At this time the weather of the place remain comfortable, and you can enjoy the palace with energy and interest. There are some tourist guides who can explain you every part of the fort as they have rich knowledge on the history related to this Red Fort. After entering in Delhi, you need to travel to the Chandni Chowk Metro Station, and the fort is located near the station. The exact location of the fort is Netaji Subhash Marg.

If you are an Indian then you need to pay 10 rupees to buy the entry pass for the Red Fort and of you are a foreigner then you need to pay 250 rupees to enter into the fort. After entering into the fort, you may enjoy the light and the music shows by buying the tickets. These shows let you feel the ultimate thrill of the place, and these can help you to travel to the historic age in a miraculous way. These shows start in the evening, and you should never miss the show if you want to enjoy the fort in an ultimate way.

The glorious Red Fort can be visited and enjoyed by the travelers who want to know about India and its historical glory. The background of the fort is very strong, and the place is preserved and maintained by the government in an amazing way. These historic places help the people to know about the roots of the country in detail. The capital of the country is carrying the glory of the historic monument even today after so many decades, and people should visit the place at least once to know the country and its cultural history in a better and detail way.

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Don’t Miss The Glory Of The Red Fort When Visiting India

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