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Dodital One Of The Most Adventurous Trek In Uttarakhand

Dodital is said to be one of the most beautiful lakes anyone will come across. Many consider Dodital to be Lord Ganesha’s birthplace. It is also home to the amazing Himalayan delicacy, the freshwater trout. The Dodital trek is usually attempted between April and June as well as September to November however, taking the trek in winter is something that makes it magical.

Dodital – Adventurous Trek

The trek starts off at Sangamchatti which is just beside the Assi Ganga River. It is a rocky and steep climb. After completing the trek for about 5kms, you will reach Agoda that is in the hills. From there you will be able to see the Bakra Top as well as the Dayara Bugyal. Then you need to go downhill towards Bebra that is located below the hills.

Beautiful Views

From there, you need to move to Manjhi that is located just 9kms from Bebra. The trail is steep and can get very tiring. The beauty of nature along the way is simply stunning and it takes away from the tiredness of walking along. The view of the Alpine trees in the backdrop of the Daraya Hills makes you forget everything. However, you need to carry medication as there is a high probability of catching a cold or even severe cough.

Once you reach Kachheru, you will see the amazing Bandarpoonch range. Upon reaching Manjhi, you will see snow all around you. The village of Manjhi that is located on the valley is simply breathtaking. The village is inhabited only during summer and takes on a deserted look in winter. Sunlight is hard to reach in the valley. Once the sun sets, the temperature drops considerably. If you are not carrying warm sleeping bags, it can get difficult at night.

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Onward To Dodital

The final part of the trek takes you towards Dodital. When you are moving from Manjhi towards Dodital in daylight, you will get to see the Bandarpooch range very clearly. The trail towards Dodital is very beautiful and is covered with a lot of snow. You will even get to see a number of frozen streams. Upon reaching Dodital Lake, you will realize what an amazing place it is. The lake surrounded by snow on all sides is a sight to behold. However, in recent times, stone walls have been built near the lake that takes away from the natural beauty of the place. There is a Ganpati temple that you can visit as well. The Dodital Lake is said to be the place where Lord Shiva beheaded him while he was guarding his mother Parvati. At that time, Parvati was bathing in the lake.

It may take more than a day to reach the Dodital Lake, however, the trek is worth the effort. You will love the scenic beauty and everything that surrounds the hills and the valley in and around Dodital Lake. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should take up whenever you get the chance to.

Featured Photo by prakhar.verma under CC BY 2.0

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