Diving Into The Beautiful History Of Teen Darwaza: What To Know?

Delving into the treasure trove of Indian histories is itself so fascinating for a person who takes an interest in historical tales and narrations. For someone who fantasizes about the diversifying heritage of bygone India, the search for unheard stories might not end anywhere. But Ahmedabad can bring you close to some good examples of the history of India. An ardent history buff can take a step towards learning the undiscovered and unheard stories.  Teen Darwaza, being a noteworthy implication, serves the city a glorious historical prominence.

Teen Darwaza in Geographical Terms

Being a historical gateway of the country, Teen Darwaza is situated in the east of Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad. The gates are embedded with the logo of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. It is an example of Ahmedabad’s multi-religious forms blending with the cultures of the modern world. Its ancient attire partially reflects some contemporary design philosophies blended with a charming and magnificent appeal. On its east, you will see Bhadra Fort.

Historical Evidence

Diving into the Beautiful History of Teen Darwaza: What to Know?
Photo of ‘Teen Darwaza’ by Ankur Panchbudhe under CC BY-SA 2.0

The term means three doors of which its central door happens to be the tallest and most adorned one. It embeds images of Lord Ganesha and lions. The rest of the doors are named as Wagh Darwaja and Char Darwaza. As per history is concerned, Ahmed Shah, the founder of Ahmedabad, had created the gateway as the oldest and longest gateway of the city.

When India was ruled by the Mughal dynasty, former King Jahangir would come here and watch the procession that initiated here to Jama Masjid Ahmedabad. This is what the history speaks of. However, the legends have something else to say.

Legends and Mythological Tales

Teen Darwaza also holds a mythological prominence with the tale of Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that when Goddess Lakshmi was on the verge of leaving the city, the watchman (Khawaja Siddique Kotwal) in Teen Darwaza pleaded the Goddess not to go away before informing the emperor, Ahmed Shah. Goddess Lakshmi got convinced and waited till he returned upon informing the king. The story tells that the watchman apparently went to inform the king but later on beheaded himself just to ensure that the Goddess does not go away.

Upon your visit to the gateway, you will see a mausoleum built in honor of this watchman who sacrificed his life to stop the Goddess from leaving the city. There is a Muslim family which lights up a lamp in one of the gateway’s opening. It is one of the rituals the family conducts for more than 600 years. There is a Lakshmi temple built near Bhadra Fort.

Its Architectural Face

Being the egress from the fort in the eastern way, this gateway in Ahmedabad features three arches leading into an enclosure. This enclosure forms the palace’s outer courtyard, formerly known as Maidan Shah. It features a raised terrace and a fountain. In its central opening, there is a roadway of 17 feet wide with 13 feet wide arch on each side. Between arches, the decoration on the faces of piers is magnificent.

The arches are massive and measure 25 feet in length. Atop the gateway, there is a terrace which was thrown open upon renovating the gateway in 1877.  Earlier, the area was a witness to legendary feudatories or embassies to get assembled, and sovereign enthroned atop the terrace, mustered troops for some martial enterprises and gala celebration near the court in the evening amidst a bright and beautiful twilight beside the fountain. However, in present-day Ahmedabad, the area serves as a congested marketplace.

The structure is beautifully adorned in semi-circular window shapes with a magnificent meshwork. The window in the center portrays the life tree. An eye-catching feature is the carving of 5 palm trees that are covered with snakes. All mentions sound perfect for a visit, does it not?

Featured Photo of ‘Panhala Teen Darwaza’ by Ankur Panchbudhe under CC BY-SA 2.0

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