Discovering Nature’s Wonders At Meghamalai In Madurai

Rewinding the mind and the soul amid a picturesque landscape is the wanderlust desire of many travel enthusiasts. Peace and tranquillity is the wish of nature admirers. Meghamalai in Madurai, Tamil Nadu is a vivacious hill station fulfilling the limitless zeal of travellers to seek solace in nature’s lap.

The panoramic hills are a part of the majestic Western Ghats mountain ranges. Situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level, it is an epitome of beauty amid the evergreen dense forests. You will be astonished to observe its exotic flora and fauna. Experiencing the wildlife in their natural habit is exciting as well as thrilling.

Experiencing the Diverse Wildlife

Meghamalai - where the hills (malai) meet the clouds (megha)
Photo of ‘Meghamalai – where the hills (malai) meet the clouds (megha)’ by spisharam under CC BY-SA 2.0

If you are interested in wildlife photography and birdwatching, then Meghamalai is the perfect place for you to visit and enjoy. The entire atmosphere is entertained with the melodious chirping of different local and migratory birds. Swallows, Bulbul, Hornbills, Wagtails and many other species of birds reside within the forest.

Herds of elephants are a common sight in the forest premises. Occasional sights of tigers and leopards have also been mentioned by several tourists. The common animals observed in the forest are the fowl, boar, squirrel, and the deer.

The forest blooms with myriad coloured wild flowers and plants, inviting the butterflies. It is a fabulous experience to watch the vibrant coloured butterflies and insects dancing around the wild plantations.

The Key Attractions of Meghamalai

To discover more into the exquisite fauna, it is best to visit the Wildlife sanctuary. You will be amazed to watch its exclusive collections of birds and animals. Strolling across the sanctuary is a thrilling experience. Encircled by dense forests and streams of water, it’s a gem of its kind.

The gushing Meghamalai Falls beckons the visitors for a jubilant experience at its foothills. Sprawling from a height of 190 feet, it sprays across streams of misty water around. As it splashes across the cliffs and rocks, a snowy cloud of water jet fills the air with enjoyment. You can sit and relax, a moment of ecstasy in the vicinity of a mystic view. The nearby Suruli Falls is another captivating place to visit, spreading across its aura with a gust of water.

The tea plantations at Vellamalai is a spectacular destination in this amazing hill station. The mountain slopes appear like a painting, with terraced cultivations and lush greenery. Cinnamon, coffee, and cardamom trees are spread across the forests, enchanting travellers with their refreshing fragrance.

For the religious minded, Murugan and Mangala Devi temples are places to seek blessings and worship the deity. The view from these two temples are awesome. Perched in between the mystic landscape, the serenity and tranquillity dwelling around the temple premises is heavenly.

Plethora of Opportunities to quench your adventurous mind

If you wish to witness the intrinsic beauty of the place, it is better to trek along the mountain and forest trails. Walking beneath the clear blue sky and amid the greenery is a divine experience. The rhythmic songs of the birds, the crushing sounds of the dry leaves, the sounds of the insects and the fluttering of the butterflies create a mysterious feeling within.

Meghamalai is a hidden treasure within the heart of Madurai. Its amazing store of natural wonders are unparalleled and splendid. The solitude in its lap creates a surreal calmness in its adjacent surroundings. It’s a stunning experience to immerse into its pleasant scenic beauty. The mind is relieved of the tensions and the heart is refreshed with its soothing atmosphere. The purity in the air calms the soul.

It is heavenly to spend a vacation or weekend into its enigmatic magnificence. A magical transformation occurs in the human heart, as one indulges into its gorgeous beauty. It also known by the name of High Wavy Mountains. For a better view of the fascinating scenery, you can climb atop the Maharajamettu View Point. The green meadows flourished with the tea and coffee plantations are a treat to the eyes.

The best months to visit Meghamalai is between October and March. The weather is refreshing and pleasant. You can enjoy the astonishing beauty of the place. The place is well connected via the Madurai airport, railway station and the state government buses.

Featured Photo of ‘Megamalai, A Heaven in Tamilnadu {EXPLORED}’ by Vinoth Chandar under CC BY 2.0

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