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Kolkata is known as the city of joy, but you can also find a culinary touch attached to this town. Whether you are a resident of Kolkata or you are a visitor, you are bound to fall in love with this magnificent city that still boasts of some exotic British architecture. There is always an angle of fun and joy attached to this town. Moreover, it is winter now in Kolkata, and if you are thinking to satiate your rich taste buds, then the Kolkata restaurants would be the best choice for you.

Winter ushers in a wide variety of food items and culinary delights at affordable prices that always makes Kolkata the city to travel to in case you are passionate about foods. Affordable food is the primary source of joy, and you can find a lot of affordable Kolkata restaurants near you to dine out in the open. Here is the list of those restaurants where you can dine out to have an ultimate experience of good food and ambience.

Here is the list of Kolkata restaurants

Kolkata restaurants photo

Photo by paulhami


It offers a spectacular view of the cityscape of Kolkata. It is situated on the 20th floor of the Acropolis Mall. Ozora is a spacious lounge and restaurant that possess a hexagonal bar counter in the center. It also has a comfortable seating across its dimensions. Ozora is a perfect place to chill especially in the evening. It also has launched a new menu for the season which comprises of Chicken Olivetti, Classic Margherita, and Asparagus Risotto. It is open from 4 pm until midnight, and the is affordable too. A dinner for two would cost you around 1600 INR.


If you are someone who wants to break free from the hustle and bustle of Kolkata, then OTT should be your ideal choice. You can leave behind the standard din of Park Street and step into this restaurant. It is a rooftop lounge which is leisurely and plush and has artificial grass and walls that are painted white. OTT is one of those restaurants that speak richly of ambience. Hence, if you want to take your better half to a romantic dinner, then OTT is the place. It also has swing chairs and outdoor furniture that plays a crucial role in uplifting the mood of the visitors. You can gorge on crispy fried sesame fish along with other mouthwatering delicacies as you watch the city rush far below. You can also pair everything with drinks. You can find a wide variety of drinks at the well-stocked bar. OTT is located on Park Street and is open from noon to 11 pm. The prices are affordable too as it cost 1200 INR for two.

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Kolkata restaurants photo

Photo by Os Rúpias


This Kolkata restaurant is set in a natural garden, and this eatery boasts of a magnificent ambience. It is a good option for a restaurant if you are of the opinion to absorb the city life from the above. Moreover, the Splash also possesses cabanas and candlelight al-fresco which is a delight to the eyes of the visitors. Splash is one of those Kolkata restaurants where you would be at peace with your inner self. Moreover, it is also a restaurant where you can take your better half to a romantic getaway. The menu includes stir-fried prawns, jerk spiced chicken breast and sliced mushrooms. Don’t leave the Splash without sipping on their signature cocktails that comprise of the fruit martini. It is located in Swissotel and is open from 6 pm until midnight. Dinner at Splash costs 2500 INR for the two.

Blue and Beyond

It is located in the heart of Kolkata in the New Market and is an al-fresco restaurant. It also offers a breathtaking view of the skyline of the old city of Kolkata. It has a multicuisine menu that comprises of Chinese foods and various continental dishes. Apart from Chinese and continental cuisines, you can also find Lebanese Mezze and Ajwaini Jhinga. It costs around 1500 INR for two.

Featured Photo bypaulhami

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