Dine In Style At Runway 1 – The Airplane Restaurant In Delhi

How many of you enjoy the food served in an aircraft? Cramped up spaces, packed and processed food that you can hardly place comfortably in front of you let alone eat in luxury. Well, what if you got the same ambiance of an airplane sans the flying, allowing you to enjoy a fully laid out meal in the comfort of a restaurant-style seating. That’s exactly what you get at Runway 1, an upscale restaurant inside an actual Airbus A320 aircraft parked just off the National Highway 1 in Delhi! And you don’t even need to buy a flight ticket for the experience.

Runway 1 is an airplane themed restaurant that actually lets you sit and dine inside a plane and on the wings leaving you with an awesome dining experience. The aircraft is an Airbus A320 junked by Air India flipped into a multi-cuisine restaurant on the inside. Parked on a one and half acre plot, it took the owners, the father-son duo almost one year to get the grounded aircraft together. The aircraft is surrounded by an artificial water body, so when you look out from the window, you are always gazing at the wonderful scenery of still water, manicured lawns and lights.

This family-friendly multi-cuisine restaurant has the capacity to accommodate 100 persons at a time. They have a staff strength of nearly 50 and the owners pay for all their food and lodging. The staff are dressed in attire similar to that of airline ground staff and crew members. The passengers who wish to dine at Runway 1 are supposed to collect their Boarding Passes from the reception on the ground before you proceed to the restaurant on board the aircraft for the meal. The amount is deductible from the final restaurant bill. For the romantically oriented, they even offer the option of dining on the wings of the aircraft out in the open, an unforgettable experience in itself. Another USP of this swanky restaurant that distinguishes it from other eateries is that they have converted the cockpit into a virtual 3D flight simulator gaming zone. One can get the feel of being in the cockpit and flying the plane and get close to the feeling up in the air. They also have open areas for kids to play on the ground. What more could you ask for to keep your kids occupied and enjoy good food at the same time? The restaurant can also be booked for private parties and celebrations.

Get ready, plan an outing with your family and head over to Delhi’s Metro Walk in Rohini, to stop by for a quick flight on the ground at Runway 1 for a fancy dining experience different from the usual restaurants.

Featured Photo of ‘An airplane piled on a bar’ by Maria Eklind under CC BY-SA 2.0

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