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You would be fascinated to know that the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is one of the 20 biodiversity hotspots in the world. It comprises mainly of evergreen forests that can actually enthrall the senses of any tourist. It is situated in the Tinsukia district in Assam. It was named as a national park in the year 1999. The Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is a place where an avid lover of wildlife would fall in love instantly. The magnificent wetlands in this sanctuary are enough to fascinate the senses of any tourist.

A brief overview of the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

If you are searching for famous national parks in India, then the Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary tops the list. It is one of those national parks that can indeed make a traveller fall in love with the surroundings. It spans across an area of 314 square kilometers and is home to many endangered species. It also serves as the home to many migratory birds. On the other hand, it is surrounded by various rivers. It is one of the unique national parks in India that has an uncommon wildlife.

Dibru-Saikhowa National ParkPhoto by travelling slacker

The Dibru-Saikhowa National Park: From a traveller’s point of view

It features among the 20 biodiversity zones in the world where one can come in close contact with Mother Nature. The Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary comprises of various kinds of avifauna which includes various species that are about to be erased from the world. You can witness some rare and endangered species that includes water buffalo, Gangetic river dolphins and slow loris by staying at the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Resorts.

History of this National Park

This area was named as Dibru Reserve Forest in 1890. On the other hand, the extra area came into existence in the year 1920. With the emergence of rapid illegal poaching, the government decided to confer the status of national park in the year 1999. The Assam Government integrated the two national forests that are Saikhowa and Dibru to make this a haven for the wildlife species.

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Dibru-Saikhowa National ParkPhoto by travelling slacker

The National Park Flora

If you are an avid lover of wildlife, then this Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to witness wildlife close to nature. It is one of the national parks where you can witness a lot of trees that you cannot see in any other part of India. You can stay at Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Resorts to see a variety of flora. You can also opt for the Dibru-Saikhowa boat safari to explore the national park in a better manner. You can find a variety of trees that includes some modern names like tetrasperma, Neem and Mango. The Dibru-Saikhowa boat safari promises to bring you close to Mother Nature where you can be at peace with your inner self.

Fauna of the National Park

If you are on the lookout to photograph unique and endangered species of animals, then the Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent choice. You can witness a large variety of animals in this national park which you cannot find anywhere in the world. The Dibru-Saikhowa boat safari promises to be one of the best ways with the help of which you can indeed witness the magnificence of Mother Nature. You can find the Wild Boar, Barking Deer and Giant Squirrel in this national park. On the other hand, the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park Resorts promises to be the best accommodation places from where you can enjoy wildlife.

Dibru-Saikhowa National ParkPhoto by travelling slacker

How to reach the Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary?

You can reach National Park through a variety of ways. It can be easily accessed from the Tinsukia district. From the Tinsukia district, you can find many buses that would take you directly to this national park. On the other hand, you can catch any train that passes through Dibrugarh. You can also travel by plane to Guwahati and have to hire a car to reach this fantastic national park.

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Visit this national park for an overwhelming travelling experience in your next vacation.

Featured Photo by travelling slacker

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