Dhalgarward Is A Shopping Area Satisfying The Penny Pincher Inside

Street shopping has several beautiful elements – from choosing the right destination, selecting the goods or products, ensuring its quality, to implementing your bargaining potentials when needed. And when you go wrong with just one factor, your entire shopping experience goes in vain. Now that you have made up your mind to enjoy street shopping in Dhalgarward, here are the essentials that you should know.

Introducing Dhalgarward in a nutshell

When you pay a visit to Ahmedabad, shopping becomes synonymous to the fun and excitement that any ardent traveler wishes to experience on his way to explore new destinations. While street shopping has different meanings and definitions in the city, Dhalgarward in Ahmedabad defines the diverse and vibrant chaos that every shopaholic seeks in her street shopping experience. The streets are well-maintained, and the shops are extremely budget-friendly.

Shopping under the sky is an art and emotion for people of India.  Dhalgarward holds prominence as an affordable marketplace in Ahmedabad. It houses some excellent fabric works and ethnic outfits for women. The dress materials are economically effective in pockets. One can engage in shopping and get the favorite sari or chaniya choli. While people call it a bargainer’s one-stop destination, customers should be careful about the quality of the materials. Street shopping in Dhalgarward is an exciting affair, and you get to bring out that penny pincher from inside to enjoy every bit of your shopping.

What to buy in Dhalgarward?

Dhalgarward is a Shopping Area Satisfying the Penny Pincher Inside
Photo of ‘Colourful Dresses’ by Sudhamshu Hebbar under CC BY 2.0

Ahmedabad, being a sprawling city, houses a myriad of tourist spots. To speak of this shopping zone, it is a famous and fan-favorite shopping stop in Ahmedabad. Shoppers dive into the colors and chaos of this zone only to discover true meanings of street shopping. Shopping in Dhalgarward is indeed a lifetime experience for anyone. The bustling crowd of the place is the most eye-catching element of this street shopping zone. When here, you can buy things like:

Sari: The nine (or six) yards of pure grace! People say that for a woman, her love for Sari is endless. To get new meanings and get the new collection, you can pay a visit to this shopping zone. There is a wide range of Saris found here. Just remember to bargain properly – because, with potential bargaining skills, the items cannot be purchased at an affordable price.

Chaniya Cholis: Being a customized Indian outfit, it is very similar to Ghagra choli. If you have a wedding next year, then you can buy any of your favorite Ghagra choli. Pay attention to the minuscule detailing of the design before buying one.

Dress materials: The best part of visiting a street shopping area is you get to see an array of colorful garments spread over or hung in front of your eyes. If your eye catches some spotty designs, you can also collect your dress materials.

When to visit?

Whenever you visit the market, keep in mind that SUNDAYs are CLOSED. Visit Old City, Khadia in Ahmedabad and you will be taken to the glorious marketplace.

Some Dos:

When you visit the shopping zone, you should remember to keep these things in mind:

  • Sharpen your bargaining potentials
  • Bring out the penny pincher from inside you and enjoy every bit of shopping
  • Be very careful of your belongings
  • Check the quality of the materials

After having a gala experience over street shopping, you will find mouth-watering food that can pamper your taste buds. Have fun and plan another visit here!

Featured Photo of ‘Colourful Law Garden Road’ by Sudhamshu Hebbar under CC BY 2.0

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