Deul Park, The Idyllic Hamlet In Durgapur

A good holiday can be the break every tired, stressed adult and family needs. It will provide you with fresh air, peace of mind, and relaxation. Selecting an ideal place for vacation is also essential. That’s why you must choose a serene spot like Deul Park in Durgapur.

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Everybody needs a break from work, personal life, and the stress an urban life brings. The hectic schedules, constant chores, and responsibilities can make you feel frustrated and annoyed. You need a good holiday or vacation to calm your frayed nerves and feel rejuvenated. The trick is to choose a real holiday that offers you actual peace and calm. Some holidays can be so activity packed and stressful that you will need a break after your vacation! If you are somebody who wants to enjoy some peace, soak natural views and get relaxed, there are several spots in India for you. The panoramic valleys of Himachal are always idyllic. Maharashtra has some scenic hill stations and hamlets for the nature lover. Southern India is also home to a variety of natural landscapes. Tourists and travelers in India seem to be spoilt for choice!

It can be tough making a decision when you have so many alternatives. That’s why leave the worry to us and follow our recommendations. We have scoured the country and came up with an amazing suggestion for you. There is some joy in going to an offbeat, lesser-known tourist destination. Deul Park in Durgapur ticks all the boxes. Situated in the state of Bengal, this place is a natural marvel. Let’s find out more about it.

Eastern India remains relatively unexplored by travelers and tourists. While there are many states in the region, West Bengal is a beautiful holiday destination. Everybody knows the capital city of Kolkata as the perfect balance of contemporary and ancient India. We want to take you away from the conventional holiday spots. That’s why we would recommend Durgapur. The developing city of Durgapur has been an efficient trade center and manufacturing hub. Steel plants were established all over the city and workers from the entire country started migrating here. As the population grew, the resources started evolving and now it is an urban center with rural roots. There are many things to do and see in and around the city. Deul Park should top your list of must-see attractions here.

The best time to visit would be between October-March. Summer can get unbearable here so plan your visit accordingly. Tourists can take a flight or train to Kolkata. The journey to Durgapur from the capital city takes about 3 hours by road. Local buses run regularly and are priced affordably. Rent a car or taxi if you wish to return the same day. Once you reach Durgapur, head to Deul Park. It is a pretty little village surrounded by the Ajoy River. A tributary of the Ganges River, it flows lushly through the village. Families and locals have a perfect picnic spot by the river as they absorb the view. The tall, green trees are just the thing you need to take a stroll or hike your way. The entire village has been turned into a resort called the ‘Eco Resort.’ You can enjoy an authentic stay there, connecting with nature and enjoying peace and quiet. You can go for a one day trip to Deul Park and have a picnic lunch near the river. Or you could book a stay at the ‘Eco Resort.‘ Book in advance as it’s the only accommodation nearby and gets full weeks before. The resort and rooms are clean, simple, and hygienic. You will be able to try local cuisine and get a sense of how they eat and live. This is a really good type of holiday for families, big groups, nature lovers, and anyone in need of some stress-free time.

Featured photo of St Xavier’s School, Durgapur by shankar s. under CC BY 2.0

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