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Delhi’s Oldest Omelet Stall Is Just The Food Your Soul Needs!

Nothing brings people together like good food. And food at an affordable price, that is just cherry on the top! No wonder that Delhi’s oldest and most popular omelet stall is a hit among locals and foodies.

India’s culinary heritage is vast and renowned. We are a nation of diverse tastes and yet we come together wonderfully in a blend of flavors. Our hearts may belong to our loved ones but our taste buds definitely love testing out new things every day! When you live in a country as rich and as multicultural as India, you learn to embrace the new. Food trails and culinary tours are dime a dozen here and so easy because every lane has a story to tell. Every alley has a best selling dish to offer and every hotel has a history that it is proud of. You can go anywhere in India and find a dish so soothing, so delicious that you will never experience anywhere else in the world. Sweets, savory snacks, thick gravies, fluffy breads and fragrant smelling rice are just some of the things that can you savor and try. Today we are going to talk about Delhi and a man who has made his mark in the food haven of India with a simple yet magical dish like the omelet.

The metropolitan city and capital of India is a bustling city. Full of hopeful professionals, young couples, students and entrepreneurs, the city is a tough place to survive. Eager dreamers from all over India move to Delhi in search of work or business. These people have no support system or time to look after themselves. They rely on street food, home cooks or restaurants for food. Delhi’s culinary heritage is a strong and glorious one. Yet you can’t be eating oily, fancy meat or heavy cheesy dramatic dishes every day. Sometimes you need simple, soul food that doesn’t break the bank. Where do you go if you just want healthy, home cooked food? And at prices that don’t touch the sky? Let us tell you a long held secret that only Delhi locals know for years. Visit this amazing place if you are ever in town and tell us if it was as good as we promised!

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75-year-old Dalbir Singh is a simple man. A cycle mechanic by day, he is a cook by evening. Life hit him hard as he lost his 3 sons and wife over the years. He knew he could wallow in his misery or continue to work on his son’s dream. A deft cook and amazing chef, his son loved making omelets and eggs. He started a small omelet stall in 1992 opposite Pragati Maidan Metro Station. Hordes of tired, hungry commuters, young students, broke professionals and just foodies flocked to him. His fluffy omelets and lip-smacking fried eggs were just the meal you needed to finish your day. After his death in 2013, Dalbir Singh took up his job and ran the omelet stall. He went on repairing cycles in the day and every evening he donned an apron. Life must go on as the saying goes. At any day, you will find him whipping up the fluffiest and softest omelets you have ever had! The fried eggs are like a white cloud of deliciousness served with two perfect pieces of toast or bread.

There is no pretense here or complicated dishes or maverick cooking style. This omelet stall is for the homesick, the simple people and the foodies at heart. Come here if you want to feed your soul and spend an evening with a wholesome man with a bunch of stories of his own. You will not be disappointed!

Featured Photo of Omelet by roolrool under CC BY 2.0

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