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Debunked! The Concept Of Mangal Dosh In India

A manglik is usually considered unfit for marriage. It is said to cause tension and discomfort in a relationship and this is said to cause disharmony between the spouses and may cause problems in the marriage. This is said to happen because of the fiery nature of the Mars planet. The planet was named after a Roman war God. It is also believed that if two people having manglik dosh marry each other, the negative effects of astronomy cancel out each other. Many people also believe that Mars cannot be the only reason for marital differences and the overall perspective of astrological compatibility should be taken into consideration.

Manglik Dosh Resolution

A number of people believe that the ill effects of a single manglik marriage can be resolved with a simple ceremony that is known as kumbh vivah to be performed by the manglik. As per this ceremony, the manglik has to marry a peepal tree or a banana tree or even a gold or a silver idol of the Hindu God Vishnu. The ill effects that come with the manglik dosh can also be resolved with a number of mantras, poojas, charities as well as gemstones. Different solutions apply to different people depending on what their horoscope says about them.

Biased Shastras

A number of experts believe that Mangal Dosh is part of the shastras that are written by men and are in favor of men. Women usually bear the brunt when it comes to these texts or shastras. If Mars is present in the chart for a man, the astrologer will praise the chart and claim that the man will turn out to be courageous, strong, forceful, energetic, fearless and dynamic and he will be able to overcome his enemies and hurdles very easily. However, if Mars is present in the chart of a girl, then the astrologer will get into a depressive state and the girl will also get depressed because of this.

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Astrological Changes

The basic concept of astrology is that it changes from time to time. This means that what was believed hundreds of years ago by scholars and pundits may not necessarily be true today. the alignment of the stars and astrology itself needs to evolve in a timely manner. Astrology is the only science that is not based on the application of experience or mind. Astrologers simply blindly pull out an age-old book and believe what is written in that. Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. Millions of mangliks have married non mangliks and their marriage is far from getting ruined, let alone the husband nearing death.

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