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To enjoy hill in the chill of winter , we often visit Nainital, Shimla and Kashmir . But there is a place in Orissa which witnesses snowfall  in the winter season. It is almost impossible to imagine that a hot and torrid region like Orissa has a hill-station where it snows during winter. In the district of Orissa, on the height of 915 m in Kandhmal is the place where the hills of Daringbadi are situated.

“Kashmir of Orissa”

The beautiful hills of Daringbadi is always compared with the most beautiful land in India, the paradise of India, Kashmir. In the rain forest among the pine woods Daringbadi hills are located. The coffee plantation and the black pepper cultivation is very popular in Daringbadi. The winters are chilling in the hills, the temperature often goes below 0 degree. The frozen lakes and trees covered in snow, is often called the ‘Kashmir of Orissa’. And this is one reason what makes Daringbadi most popular in these days. The plants of turmeric is beautiful treat for the eyes. Although the forest of Daringbadi is also worth visiting. The herd of Elephant and the spotted deer’s are the visitors attraction, the Eco friendly environment resorts and the Eco park are adding the Natural beauty of the Hills.

Reaching Daringbadihils photo

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Travelling to Daringbadi itself is an experience ,as this place is newly discovered by the tourist thus the roads are yet to be worked on. The narrow path up to the hills are quite adventurous.

  • From Phulbani, Daringbadi is about some Hundred Kilometers.
  • Balliguda, Raikia and G.Udayagiri is about some Fifty kilometers.
  • As this is a hill station is so facilities of airport and railway station is not available directly.
  • Travelling into the hills by road is the only way.
  • Getting down at the nearest railway or airport and driving up to the hills is the only way.
  • This adds up to the travelling experience, giving an adventurous experience.
  • Bus service is also available to reach Daringbadi.

The district of Kandhamal

The culture is a big asset of this region, in the period of Kalinga, exporting of salt was done through the route of the hills of Daringbadi.

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Even in the history of the English rule in Indian has mentioned about Daringbadi, where the English army would come for relaxation and rejoice the nature.

The Kondas (local tribes)

  • Kui is the vernacular tongue of the Konda tribes. The Konda’s the local inhabitant of the forest.
  • However with the change in time and the advancement of modern facilities these tribes have moved into the recent life style.
  • The Konda are said to be the oldest tribe in India.
  • The tattoos on the body are a common feature of the Konda.
  • The tattoos are like jewellery for the women.
  • The houses of the Konda have honey tree all around.
  • They often celebrate their happiness by dancing their tribal dance.
  • The handcraft of the Konda are also very famous, known as the Dokra.

 Popular in Daringbadi

  • The terracotta handcraft are famous in Daringbadi.
  • The tribal drink made from the flower of Honey tree famously called Mahua is a very renowned drink of Daringbadi.
  • The snow fall in the winter season is the most popular and attractive part of Daringbadi.
  • The work of Cane work and Bamboo is another famous craft in Daringbadi.
  • The drive in the Ghat road and seeing the wild life is a experience to witness once at least.

Major Attractions of the place Daringibadi

The recent discovered hills of Daringbadi is very popular destination for many. Both the summer and winter are the peak season to travel to Daringbadi. To run away from the heat of the tropical season most travel to Daringbadi in summer and to be able to witness the snow many do come in the winter season. Tourist from various places are discovering the hills. The wildlife and the historic culture of the hills are also the attraction for tourist. The churches, the Eco forest and the snowfall upon these trees in winter are the scenic phenomenons to watch.

Some of the Tourist attraction.

  • The Belghar Sanctuary a tropical forest, covered with different vegetation and flowers are the major attraction. The wild life and the Villa constructed by the British are tourist spots.
  • Nature Park–  The park are preserved and guarded for maintaining the natures beauty.
  • Herbal garden with Butterflies -The beautiful Butterfly garden, different herbs are grown in this garden. The tourist often take fresh aroma of the herbs in the garden also enjoy the view of the garden.
  • Hill View Park– are the perfect place to overview the Hills of Daringbadi.
  • Rushikulya river– Flowing through the hills of Daringbadi and braking into small falls are often tourist spot.
  • Coffee plantation– The plantation of coffee is a place to visit.
  • The forest department of Daringbadi also have a Black pepper plantation.
  • Doluri River– A favourite spot for picnic for all, on the bank of the river Doluri.
  • Putudi Waterfalls– This is a beautiful place having the Bada Saluki river flowing through Daringbadi hills. All these places are spots where tourist spend time relaxing and rejoicing the view of the hills and also for picnic.
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Although the route to Daringbadi is not very comfortable journey and make it a little difficult to reach up the hill, however once you reach into the hills of Daringbadi, its worth the journey. The hills of Daringbadi is a newly discovered tourist spot and recent hot favorite, the scenic beauty and the peace of the hills is bringing many people to spend some time in the hills , the eco friendly resorts are inviting many tourist all the year. Some of the Resorts offer tree house stay and also view of the forest and hills, making the stay more pleasant. The Eco friendly nature of the resort also helps to maintain the environment of Daringbadi. Earlier the place was said to be dominated by the Maoist, for which the hills were not discovered by many. But the snow fall in this region have made it pretty popular and has turn as a  favorite destination


Freezing In The Hills Of Daringbadi The Kashmir Of Orissa

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