Daly College – One Of The Most Famous And Oldest Boarding Schools In India

The Daly College is one of the most famous and oldest boarding schools in India. The architecture of this college is very well known. It has been regarded as one of the best campuses to have a historically rich architectural background. It is a co-education and day boarding school which is in Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh. This college was founded by Sir Daly (Henry) during the British Raj period. Sir Henry Daly was born in Kirke near Poorna. His father was a soldier and served for British India since 1821.

Ranked as the best school in India

The Daly College is one of the oldest co-educational schools in the world. The school started in the year1870 and was a residency school since then. It has been ranked 1st in India in the day-cum boarding schools category by Education world India. It has a large 118-acre campus, which makes it one of the largest schools in India. The campus has a lot of green and open-air spaces that allow students to use and relax. There are a lot of manicured lawns and colorful gardens on the premises. Studying in green spaces helps improve the mood of the students. This way the students can concentrate better when they experience studying in the fresh air and open green spaces.

By taking a walk outside in the lawns and smelling the fresh flowers always makes one feel better. Taking a walk outside is always a way of making one forget the stress and problems and make them feel better. Studying in open green places also helps improve mental health.

The campus also has two artificial lakes in the area. The environment and the natural surroundings of the college are extremely beautiful and well maintained. There is many Heritage as well as modern buildings in the Daly college campus. Especially the main building is an iconic structure and a true symbol of heritage buildings built during the British Raj. The main building structure is made out of white marble which came from the Udaipur quarries and was designed as per the Indo Saracenic style. Recently the Daly school has also installed an 1100 plus seater auditorium on its campus. There have been a lot of changes since 1870 to the Daly College and it upgraded its infrastructure and facilities with time. The school is also awarded to have one of the best infrastructures in India.

The search for the perfect day boarding school ends with the Daly College

The land on which the Daly school is built was donated by the Holkar rulers in Indore.

The Holkar rulers were the Hindu Maratha royal houses in India. They first ruled as Maratha rajas and then, later on, went on to become the Maharajas of the Indore. There are approximately around 2000 students in the school. The Daly College received applications from all over India and also from overseas. The admission to the Daly College is not easy to get since there are so many admission requests received from all over India. The Daly College provides admission on the basis of merit and does not consider caste creed religion.

Featured Photo: Daly College, Indore by Al-Ram under CC BY-SA 2.0

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