Dalpat Sagar – The Biggest Lake In Chattisgarh

Dalpat Sagar Lake is a beautiful artificial lake situated in the town of Jagdalpur. The lake has gained prominence among tourists due to its ethereal beauty. Spread over an area of 350 hectares, it is one of the biggest man made lakes in the state of Chhattisgarh. The lake is a source of living for many locales especially the fishermen. The Chhattisgarh government is promoting the lake through various water activities like operating the paddle and motor boats. The effort has significantly increased the livelihood of the locales in addition to attracting the tourists.

 The History

 The lake has been named after one of the descendants of the Kakatiya dynasty, Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya. About 400 years back, the Raja had built the lake with the noble purpose of rain water harvesting. He had the vision to store rain water for utilization in the future during scarcity or any unknown natural calamity. With that objective in mind, the lake was constructed across the land in the Indravati river. The Chhattisgarh government is now responsible for the preservation and maintenance of Dalpat Sagar Lake.

The Scenic Beauty of the Lake

The lake has a small island in its middle, imparting a stunning view of its landscape. You can ride on a boat to reach the island. It is an amazing place for a picnic or a weekend visit with family and friends. The pristine wonders of the lake create a soothing feeling inside the human mind. A cool and serene place, it offers a peaceful environment to the visitors. The sunset at the lake creates a magical spell among the tourists. It is a stunning experience to watch the glittering red sun rays on the lake waters.

There are several mini attractions inside the lake to mesmerize the visitors. One is the musical fountain which specially operates in the evening. You can spend a relaxed moment watching the waters of the fountain dancing with the rhythmic beats of music. You can find a temple and a light tower inside the lake premises.

Tourist activities

Dalpat Sagar Lake offers quite a lot of activities for the tourists to remain engaged throughout the day. It is a perfect spot for picnic goers. If you love boating then you can ride along either in a motor boat or a paddle boat around the lake. The boats take the visitors to the island where they can descend to watch the fountain, temple, and the light tower. You can even ride a  boat with sculls.

The lake is a home for many local birds and water birds. Bird watchers can enjoy a lovely time observing the birds in the lake. It is interesting to watch the birds in their own habitat. As they flap their wings to splash on the waters, the lake seems to echo with the swashing sounds. If you are interested in fishing, then there are options to do so. People are often seen in the lake angling near the waters.

Fishermen’s Paradise

One of the most interesting attractions of the lake is to watch a group of fishermen in the morning. The locals flock in groups with their fishing nets and boats to capture their catch of the day. It is wonderful to observe the skill in which they spread the nets on the water. The nets need to be placed properly so that the fish do not escape from them. The fishermen possess extreme expertise in handling the entire exercise.

A Source of Living

Dalpat Sagar Lake has been the source of living for many local people staying in Jagdalpur and nearby places. The farmers are benefitted by the rain water harvesting done in the lake. There is less concern about water scarcity and damage to crops and plantation. Fishing is one of the greatest sources of income for the locals. Fish breeding is done diligently with the help of the Chhattisgarh government. The government has also provided employment for the boat operators. It is essential to preserve the lake in order to allure more visitors every year. The flora and fauna of the lake need more enhancements to entice the tourists.

Best time to visit Dalpat Sagar Lake

People usually visit the lake between the months of August and November, just before the commencement of the winter season. The waters are plenty in the lake at this time, suitable for the water activities. The weather is pleasant too, perfect for enjoying the panoramic view of the lake. During the summer and winter, the lake dries up a bit hence it is better to avoid the time of the year.

Ways to reach the Lake

The nearest railway station is Jagdalpur station, about 15 minutes by car. There are public and private buses and cabs available in plenty throughout the city to reach the lake.

Dalpat Sagar Lake is now one of the favourite spots for many tourists visiting the State of Chhattisgarh. It has an immense contribution to promoting the state tourism. You can calm and refresh your mind and soul with the lovely views of the lake.

Featured Photo of ‘Laawaris Revisted’ by Harsha Vardhan under CC BY-ND 2.0

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