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Dalhousie is one of the oldest Hill station situated in Himachal Pradesh. The place was founded by British in 1854 and got its name after a British Governor Lord Dalhousie. Dalhousie is located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. The place is situated on five hills at a height of around 1970 m and is surrounded by snow-capped Himalaya mountains and lush green valleys.

Nestled among the tall green oak and pine trees, Dalhousie is a little yet beautiful town of Himachal Pradesh. The place still has strong influence of British era, which is reflected in the form of the old British colonial architecture and churches. Dalhousie is famous for its fairy tale styled picturesque landscapes which looks so imaginary and divine. The winters in Dalhousie are more captivating when the white layer of snow covers the whole of Dalhousie and when sun rays are sprinkled on the flake of snow, the snow almost looks like a diamond and shines to its brightest. This moment is miraculous and mesmerizing. For nature-lover, Dalhousie is the idyllic serene retreat and has some beautiful trekking trails and it is even perfect for those who are looking for a relaxing vacation. The lush green meadows of land, the evergreen beauty of snow-capped mountains, Victorian style palaces, natural springs and the pleasant environment, definitely sounds a perfect getaway rests in lap of the Himalayas.

Photo by Shaikh Irfan

Here are the things to do and places to visit once you’re in this little hamlet:

Panch Pula – Panch Pula literally states as the five bridges. The place is famous for a waterfall where panch i.e. five water streams come together and surrounded by tall and thick pine and deodar trees. The place also has a historical background. Apart from trekking and hiking, the place is famous for its marvelous sceneries and breathtaking views.

Khajjiar – Khajjar is also called as Mini Switzerland of India, is a nearby town to Dalhousie located at a height of approximately 6500 feet. The place is blessed with the natural beauty and scenic landscape which are sure to leave an everlasting impression on you. The place is also famous for its nine-hole golf-course. The town has a plateau with a small lake, makes this place popular among the tourists and also offers many adventure sports like hiking, zorbing, trekking etc.

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Satdhara Falls – Whenever you are in Dalhousie, head to this beautiful place for some amazing pictures and to enjoy the tranquility of serene and crystal-clear water. The place has occupied first place to visit in Dalhousie by trekkers and tourists, for this very reason. The place is known as Satdhara falls because of the seven peaceful springs that flows through the massive mountains in full force. Satdhara Falls offer mind-boggling sights of snow-clad mountains, breathtaking lush green valleys, fresh and lush green pine and deodar trees and stunning springs. The place is just perfect for people who are looking for some peace in their life.

Daikund Peak – It is located at a height of around 2755 m and is 10 km away from Dalhousie. The place is the uppermost peak which offers a panoramic view of hills and rivers and one can also listen to the musical sound created by wind while blowing through the trees.

Kalatop Wildlife National park – It is home for the diversity of flora and fauna. Variety of beautiful birds and animals like Leopard, deer, bear, Barking Goral, Himalayan Black Marten can be seen here. The site is densely covered with Deodar trees and is favorite spot for walks, trekking and picnics.

Bakrota Hills – The area of Bakrota Hills is surrounded by deodar trees and is the highest area in Dalhousie. You can take a romantic walk on the famous Bakrota walk, which is a road circled around the hill and enjoy the scenery around.

Subhash Baoli – The place is known as the Subhash Baolito recall the brave freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. It is ideal place for picnics and evening walks, located around 1 km far from Gandhi Chowk. There is a waterfall near this in honor of this great leader, which flows into a freezing stream.

St. John Church – This is the oldest church in the town and holds religious as well as historical background. The church has a library nearby, which has plenty of new and old books that gets us back to the history of the town.

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Chamunda Devi temple – Chamunda devi temple is dedicated to goddess Kali and is the most sacred temple of the town. The place is said to be believed where goddess Kali killed the demons. The place is believed to be a sacred place and also offers breathtaking view of the surrounding.

Things to do in Dalhousie you should not miss:

Trekking –  Being a Hill station, Dalhousie offers countless trekking spots like the Panch Pulla, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjar which has jaw-dropping view and picturesque scenery to offer.

Rock Climbing – This adventure activity is popular in Dalhousie and carried out specially in Khajjiar and is done under professional supervision.

River Rafting – The liking towards River Rafting is growing rapidly here and is carried out mainly on Saal and Ravi rivers. Private and Government Tourism Organizations arranges this activity under the supervision of trained instructors.

Shopping – The Tibetan market is a famous shopping spot here. It has various things to offer like bags, carpets, purses and handicrafts. The busy and lively street of Gandhi Chowk is like lifeline of Dalhousie. If you want to buy unique handicrafts and souvenirs, then Gandhi Chowk is the right place for you. The place is occupied with different markets and local shops which offers variety of items for you.

How to reach to Dalhousie:

By Road – Number of local buses run from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi on regular basis.

By Rail – Nearest railway station is Pathankot.

By Air – Nearest airport is in the Kangra Valley

You can have Best experience if you visit Dalhousie in summer i.e. from March to June as the snow starts to melt and temperature starts to rise. And in winter from October – December, as the snow starts mainly from December. If you are a fan of snow, and want to see the Dalhousie covered in a blanket of snow, plan your trip between January to February. So, plan your trip to Dalhousie and have a Best time in this Little Hamlet of Himachal to enjoy a beautiful mountain retreat.

Featured Photo by elPadawan 

Dalhousie – The Little Hamlet Of Himachal Pradesh

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