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Street food is a kind of ready to eat food, which are served in roadside shops, portable shops, street vendors and fast food restaurant. Every city of Tamilnadu has its own signature street dishes that are liked by locals and they are also renowned for its taste and low cost. The speciality of the place is, it houses many popular street dish corners and low cost eateries which every people can afford.

6 Immensely Popular Street Food Dishes From Tamilnadu

1. Thattu Vadai Set

Thattu vadai set is a popular street food in Salem, a city in Tamilnadu. This is available in the road side stalls or small shops in the street of Salem. This is usually prepared by sandwiching thattu vadai along with grated beetroot, carrot, onion and lemon. The spicy chutneys added along with this salad make it a mouth-watering delicacy food amongst the locals.

Coconut Buns photoPhoto by avlxyz

2. Coimbatore – Coconut Buns

Coconut bun is a kind of sweet pastry and one of the famous street foods of Coimbatore. It is the second largest city in Tamilnadu which is rich with coconut trees and one can find almost all the dishes have one or the other form of coconut.  The spongy buns are stuffed with tutti-frutis and grated coconut. The special sweetness from the coconuts and the plain taste of the fluffy buns gives a delight taste. All most all the bakeries and tea shops serve this famous delicacy.

3. Kalaki

Kalakki is the most favourite roadside food amongst the Tamilnadu people. Most of the fast food restaurant and roadside shops in Tamilnadu prepare instantly and serve this hot and yummy dish. This is kind of egg omelette which is half boiled and served with spicy chicken curry, onion, pepper and coriander leaves on it. In some parts of Chennai, Kalaki is served in different form which is popularly called as Karandi omelette. It is prepared through a unique method in which the egg is cooked in a big spoon and stuffed with chicken/mutton pieces, so it will look like a ball. Taste it once and you won’t get over it!

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4. Kotthu Parrota

Kotthu Parrota is one of the best road side dish I had ever tasted. It is available in all streets of Tamilnadu, probably apart from idly and dosa, this is only dish which is being served in all classes of restaurant, starting from the roadside mobile restaurant to reputed restaurants serve this spicy dish during evening and night time. Fried parrota and onion with the flour of spicy ingredients and egg makes it a must have road side dish of Tamilnadu. Never miss any chance to taste it while you are on streets of Tamilnadu!!

5. Ragi Koozhu(Porridge)

Ragi Koozhu is considered as a authentic dish of Tamilnadu. This is probably one of the best healthy food with full of nutritious value. In olden days, this was commonly served in every home as a breakfast. Even now this dish is famous amongst Tamilians, during summer season this dish is served by many roadside vendors in earthen pots. Adding curd, onion and chilli makes it more delicious.

Vadai photoPhoto by jeffgunn

6. Vadai

Vadai is a deep fried crispy item served in almost all the roadside shops and hotels of Tamilnadu. There are many varieties in Vadai like parupu(dal) vadai and Medu vadai (made of urud dal), Sambar vadai and curd vadai. Sambar vadai and curd vadai are another form of medu vadai in which medu vadai in soaked in sambar and curd respectively. An authentic breakfast of Tamilnadu will have sambar vadai as one of the dish.

Photo by Raksh1tha

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