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14388271038 F2a47318da Rajasthan

Known as ghostly city of India, Rajasthan is widely popular for its grand palaces, magnificent forts, culture and marble.  In this blog post, we will unravel the hidden gems of Rajasthan:


Narlai, Pali

Located in the heart of the Aravali Hills, Narlai is a place situated amidst the town of Jodhpur and Udaipur. The town boasts of old havelis of royal family, wild life and a lot more. So, drive away a jeep safari and spot incredible wildlife of India including deers, chitals and leopards. Don’t forget to visit handicraft centers and have a glimpse at local Rajisthani handicraft. Trek around the area or just sit back and enjoy the gastronomical delight of Rajasthani cuisine. Apart from that, do visit Adinath and Lord Shiva Temples to see the adroit craftsmanship of the artisans.

Airport-located at Jodhpur( just 44 km away from this destination)


Ranthambore National Park

Nothing can beat, walking upon golden sand dunes and spotting the tigers in the dense forests, Ranthambore National Park beckons upon the same.

 Kumbhalgarh Fort

Situated around 50 kilometers from Narlai region, this fort stands high in the history of India. Popularly known as birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the fort was built around in the 15 century. What adds to the grandeur of this fort is its entrance with seven imposing gates. It has 36 kilometers of wall, second to the The Great wall of China. There are more than 300 temples embedded within the fort. What’s more! Despite being built 700 years old, still this fort is in good shape, thus making it as the most formidable fort of Mewar region.


Railway Station:Falna


Popularly known as Sone-Chandi-Ki-Dukan, its history dates back to 1846. This town boasts of five old havellis that is adorned with gold leaf paintings. The walls of havellis are beautifully decorated with the episodes of Ramayan incarnations of Vishnu and a small glimpse on the life of Lord Krishna. The walls of the havelis are decorated with figurines of birds and tree motifs. They look vibrant and full of life.

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The Khuri Sand dunes

Amongst the popular village tours of Rajasthan, the Khuri Sand Dunes is the less frequented tourist destination. Though the Khuri sand dunes are not as popular as Saam Sand Dunes, yet it offers an enjoyable experience. The good aspect of this place is it has managed to remain away from daily hustle and bustle of city’s life.

What all you can you do?

Here the tourists can do a wide array of things like they can enjoy doing a camel safari where camel is decorated elaborately or you can stay with the localities in their mud houses, if you are on a bit adventurous side. Apart from that, you can enjoy the authentic Kalbeliya dance, Rajasthani cuisine, the folk music and spot rare birds like cranes. The best time to visit this place is from October to March.

Final words

To appreciate the grandeur of the city of Rajasthan, do visit the incredible cities of Rajasthan that tell the story of Rajput valor and their majesty. The architectural beauty of Jaipur and Udaipur, the spiritual temples of Jaisalmer and Dilwara, together creates Rajasthan, as a potpourri of tradition and culture.

Photo by Nick Kenrick..

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