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The Land Of Colours : Rajasthan

The land of Kings, the land of Rajputs, the land of colours, the land of Palaces, desert state of India. Rajasthan has so many different names and in so many ways, it reflects the ancient lifestyle of India. Rajasthani culture is rich, unique and colourful which also reflects the colourful and interesting history of state. The largest state in India by its area which is located on the north western side of the country and is dotted with several magnificent Palaces, strong and spectacular Forts, stunning Havelis and the vibrant life style of the people shows the royalty of the old long gone era.

Along with the Rajasthan’s magnificent forts, palaces and traditions, Rajasthani folk music, dance and cuisines also discover the essence of the culture of Rajasthani. These colourful traditions, history, people, culture, monuments, music and dance of Rajasthan attracts travellers from all around the world and not only from India.

Traditions of Rajasthan

Rajasthani people are very strict when it comes to the traditions and rituals. They prefer to adhere to the traditions and customs their ancestors had been following since ages. Some of these traditions are related to the Vedic rituals. Though, with the diversity of castes, religions and regions, these customs and traditions of Rajasthan differ slightly from each other, the roots of every tradition is associated to Veda. The Rajputs are mainly linked to the Rajasthan state, who ruled almost entire state till 20th century. The influence of their royal culture still reflected on the culture and tradition of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan has many tribal communities too which includes the Minas and the Bhils and some other tribal groups such as the Gasuliya Lohars, Sahariyas, Sidhis and many more who share some common characteristics.

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rajasthan photo
Pushkar Fair Sunset by Koshyk under CC BY 2.0


The folk music of this state is melodious, sweet and mesmerising. These songs are incorporated in almost every festival and important occasions and plays a vital part  in rural societies. The intense and passionate lyrics can even make a dessert bloom.

The Rajasthani music cannot be put below one single banner as there are variety of singing communities, musical notes and musical diversity. The various singing communities in Rajasthan include the Fedalis Patars, Dholis, Dhadhis and Kanchari, Nats, Rawals, Hawais and some more. The women from Rajasthan sings love songs or songs about their wicked mother in law or sometimes related to water while many of the folk songs are especially dedicated to their deities. There is a huge and varied collection of Rajasthani musicians and they generally travel from one part to the other.


Rajasthan is a place which has been blessed culturally. Several dance forms of Rajasthan are acknowledged internationally such as famous dance from Udaipur, Ghoomar and Jaisalmer’s Kalbeliya dance. These dance forms are accepted and have witnessed fame all over the globe.


As most of the population in Rajasthan follows  Hinduism, the main religious festivals celebrated here are Diwali, Teej, Holi, Makar Sankranti, Gangaur, and Janmashtami. Several other festivals such as Rajasthan desert festival, Pushkar festival are celebrated every year where people participate not only from India but from all over the world. Locals actively participate in these festivals in their traditional attire and sings folk music, dance and performs local art.


Rajasthani dresses are known for its bright and unique colors as well as style. Traditional attires of Rajasthani people are mostly designed in dark and bright colours such as Red, yellow, blue and orange. Rajasthani traditional dresses are completely unique and different from other traditional dresses of Indian states. Rajasthani male generally wear long sleeved shirts with a bright colored potia (turban) on their head. The turban is also an indicator of one’s social status and class. Rajasthani women wear stunning and gorgeous colorful saris. The most general style of the sari is one wrapped around their waist, with other end then draped above the shoulder known as Pallu or Dupatta adorned with attractive ornaments. Rajasthani attire adds more vibrant colour to the culture of Rajasthan.

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Most of the Rajasthani people speak Hindi while few people use Punjabi, Bhili, Urdu and Rajasthani language.


Rajasthan is not only famous for colors, traditions, forts, palaces but one more thing and that is food. The food from Rajasthan is known and liked all over the world and has huge demand even overseas. The food is also known because of its unique taste and flavour it gets from  mud pots. The most famous and mostly eaten Rajasthani food is Daal Baati Churma is Rajasthan’s identity which has unique taste. Other types of food available and eaten in Rajasthan includes Makka Roti, Baajra chapati and Jwaar Chapati etc.


This state is very popular for textiles, handcrafted items, stones work and traditional colour art. The Blue pottery from Jaipur is recognised globally. Several famous types of dye prints are exported from Rajasthan such as Sanganer prints and Bagaru prints. Rajasthani furniture is known for its impactful bright colors and elaborated art carvings.

Rajasthan is a mesmerising place and what mesmerises more is its colors, art, culture and traditions.

Featured Photo: by rmac8oppo (Pixabay)

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