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The Church Of Scotland In Chamba

Did you love visiting the decent places around you which offers you the best possible feeling with a sense of peace? Then a district called Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, North India, has something really interesting to cheer up your mood.

If you are eager to know all about it then continue reading and unraveling more about this wonderful place.

The Church of Scotland, Chamba- The Epitome of Peace

Constructed with well aligned ancient style stones, and spear windows, this Church of Scotland in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh is one of the best centers of attractions giving you the eternal happiness and peaceful state of mind. This church is exactly in the middle of the main Chamba market and was constructed by the respected Raja Sham Singh and then was honored by the Church of Scotland during the British rule in India.

On 17th February 1899 A.D, the foundation stone of this church was laid down by Raja Sham Singh. After endless efforts of more than five or six years, finally, in the year 1905 A.D, the construction of this church was accomplished successfully. And within a week or two, The Church of Scotland was open for the natives. The overall architecture and designing were suggested by a Scottish monk named Dr. M’Clymont, who specially came from Scotland to design this church in an exceptional way.

This church is located next to a well-recognized Laxmi Narayan Temple where deities often visit during Navartris. In order to make your travel more convenient and fun, there are numberless hotels, motels, and restaurants to serve you with quality food and comfort. All you need is to get your hotel room booked as per your convenience, especially when you are heading there in the festive or winter seasons.

To help you worship the Christ in a righteous manner, there are priests who suggest you taking candles with you to offer while you pray. Else than this, the place is well-recognized for its authentically English looking interior and exterior giving you a feel of being on the plush roads of England.

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If you want to see this church at its best, then visiting here during the Christmas celebration time is more than perfect. Throughout the entire Christmas week, you can get to see the church all covered in snowfall and beautiful lights making this lavish church look even more perfect. In order to reach this place, you can either look towards railway or bus transportation medium, which is quite easily available. However, going for a private cab or personal vehicle can provide better comfort. Else than this, to roam different nearby spots available in Chamba, you can hire a native guide or contact local people. This is the best and cheapest way to see the maximum of this place.

The Bottom Line

This blog is solely dedicated to the beauty of the Church of Scotland situated in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. This is the best place to give your soul some peace and relish some quiet moments.

Featured Photo of ‘Fire in the Sky – Sunset, Dornoch Cathedral’ by John Haslam under CC BY 2.0

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