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Animals, birds and other creatures are god’s gift. They change us from our melancholy to bright mood. Besides, adults, children enjoy more and more with animals and birds. This activity not only gives them entertainment but also increases their cognitive skills. Today, we share about the chhatbir zoo.

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Where is Chhatbir Zoo?

Chhatbir zoo is otherwise called as the Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, a well-known zoological garden. It is located at 17 km distance from Chandigarh and 55 km from Patiala. The zoo sprawls in 505 acres of land which contains greenery view as its backdrop.








Animals & Reptiles

The Chattbir Zoo was established on 13th April 1977. The first discussion was started in 1973 to establish the zoo in this place. The work took 4 complete years to build the park here. Chandigarh Zoo has been the house of various animals and plants. Over 103 species and 1241 animals are housed in the zoological park. Reptile house, Nocturnal house are some of the sections in the zoo. The Chattbir zoo is popular for deer safari, lion safari. The zoo provides buses to get close to the animals and entry fee is levied. Physically challenged persons are supported with wheelchairs to enjoy the safari.

Besides birds and animals, Chhatbir zoo has popular attractions such as Lion, Bengal tiger, elephant, white tiger, and leopard. Reptiles such as Cobra, Turtles, Gharial, python, Crocodile also attract the visitors. Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction of Chhatbir zoo. Visitors are made to occupy a caged motor vehicle to get into the tiger’s sanctuary to capture its attraction. This traveling gives a close up look of the tiger to the visitors. Chattbir zoo will be crowded during the winter season due to its pleasant weather.

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Chattbir zoo comprises birds and animals which are rarely found here. Colorful reptiles and fish draw the attention of the visitors. Most of the animals are kept close to their habitats. The zoo contains a water body and large parks which give an enjoyable feel in the picnic. Often many zoologists invade here to carry their research on animals and other species.

Top attractions in Chhatbir Zoo:

Lion Safari: It is a goose-bumping experience to the visitors who can watch the Lion roams freely. 8 hectares of space is dedicated for the lion safari and one edge of the forest occupies the lion’s habitat. Bright and colorful peacocks are wandering in the lion safari which is a pleasant and thrilling attraction to the visitors.

Deer Safari: Here spotted deer, sambars, black bucks roam jointly as such they are in their habitat. 12 hectares of area is allotted for the deer safari along with natural vegetation.

Chhatbir Zoo Timings

The zoo is kept open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm every day. Every week Monday is a holiday here. Lion safari is popular here which lasts only for 15 minutes. It is advisable to visit the zoo in the early hours as the weather is too cold here. Winter and monsoon seasons are the good time to visit the Chhatbir zoo. Totally 3-4 hours will take to visit the zoo fully. During Republic day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi, the zoo remains closed. Canteen, ice cream parlor, restaurants are available here for refreshment.

Chhatbir Zoo Ticket rates

Chhatbir Zoo charges Rs.20 from children aged between 3-12 years, Rs.50 is levied from the visitors above 12 years. No charges are levied from the children below 3 years, physically disabled and media persons.

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Lion safari bus ticket is Rs.50 per head and Rs.20 from children in between 3-12 years. There is no Wheelchair charge for physically challenged persons. Private vehicles, animals feeding, plastic bags, tobacco, and liquor are strictly prohibited in the zoo zone.

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A Natural Treasure – Chhatbir Zoo

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