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Checkout The 7 Best Kachori – Sabzi Shops In Kolkata

Kolkata is famous for quite a few things like for its Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Legendary sweet shops, Eden gardens and some other great sightings. But one thing which we always forget to mention about Kolkata happens to be the variety of foods that are available in this city. No matter what ever cuisine you ask for, maybe it’s North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, Chinese or Continental, Kolkata has it all. In this article, I will be talking about one thing in particular and that is Kachori-Sabzi which can be found in various areas of Kolkata. There are various varieties of Kachori-Sabzi when it comes to Kolkata like Club Kachori, Daal Kachori, Ghoogni Kachori and many other stuffs. In this article, I will be talking about 7 best Kachori-Sabzi shops in Kolkata.

7 Best Kachori-Sabzi shops in Kolkata

1.Sharma Tea House

Well, if we are talking about the most famous shop of Kachori-Sabzi then it definitely has to be Sharma Tea House. It is located in one of the most prime areas of Kolkata which is Bhawanipur. This place is always crowded with people, especially during the morning. If you visit this place in the morning you will notice that the crowd is basically of youngsters (who come before/after their college is over) and aged people (after completing their morning exercises). It is pretty economical and the taste of their Kachori-Sabzi is fantastic, A plate of Kachori-Sabzi should cost you around Rs.50; but make sure you try it with their hot Jalebis and Nimki. Make sure you also try their Kesar Tea, it is also amazing.

2.Balwant Singh Dhaba

This place is situated right opposite to Sharma Tea House and is the only viable threat to them. They have a very similar menu when compared to Sharma Tea House. Though it serves Idli, Dosa, Chola Batura and similar breakfast snacks. People in Kolkata always have a debate over which is better Sharma or Balwant. I personally like Sharma Tea House more; but you can try both of them and decide yourself so as to which one you found better. My recommendation would be the same which I mentioned for Sharma Tea House which is Tea, Kachori, Jalebi & Nimki.

3.Arun Tea House

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Arun Tea House is located in another prime area of Kolkata which happens to be Chowringhee. This is another place which is always jammed with youngsters; the reason happens to be the colleges which are located nearby. If you visit this place, then you will notice that it is kind of a whole sale shop; everything you purchase here costs Rs.10. Kachori-Sabzi, Tea, Samosa, Jalebi, Dhokla are a few things which this place serves. Looking at the shop you probably won’t realize that this place actually earns more than 25,000 rupees a day. I guess now you can imagine the kind of popularity this place has among the local people.


If you are a foodie, then Park Street is the place you want to be. Gangaur is located in Park street and is famous for its breakfast. One thing which is very surprising is that they don’t use Garlic or Onions; but still the taste of their Kachori-Sabzi is simply wow. If you are a “Jain” then this is the place you were looking for. Ganguar serves Kachori Sabzi, Jalebi, Stuffed Paratha, Samosa, Khasta Kachori, Bake beans puff, Gratin puff and Plain Dhokla. Apart from this they have a few South Indian dishes too. Kachori-Sabzi is served during the mornings only (till 10.30am); while South Indian dishes are served throughout the day.

Kachori chaat by Devika_smile under CC BY-SA 2.0

5.Gupta Brothers

Well, Gupta Brothers are located at many places in Kolkata; but the best Kachori-Sabzi is served by the Bhawanipur branch. Apart from their delicious Kachori-Sabzi it is pretty famous for their sweets. Make sure you try their Kachori-Sabzi with their hot Gulab-Jaamun; trust me you would start craving for their Gulab-Jaamun; it is simply delicious; it melts as soon as it goes inside your mouth which is something which you want from a good Gulab-Jaamun.

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6.Sharma Ballygunge

There are many Sharma stalls which you are going to find in Kolkata; The most famous happens to be the one in Bhawanipur (which is mentioned right on top); while the others are mediocre – average. Talking about Sharma Ballygunge, this is definitely worth a mention in the list. This place serves extremely good brunch and dinner apart from serving amazing Kachori-Sabzi. Their Tea is also very famous and the best part about this place is that they have proper seating arrangements available so, you can easily hangout with your friends here. Suppose, if you miss their breakfast time; you can have their lunch there; They serve excellent Biriyani and Chinese food.

7. Miscellaneous

There are numerous number of local shops which are available in this great city but not all of them can be mentioned here. Here are a few other shops which you can check it out like Tiwari Confectioners (located in Bhawanipur & Burra Bazar), Mayaram, any Halidram’s outlet, there’s one more shop which doesn’t have a name it is located near Camac Street, beside Erudite, it is a local Bengali shop but it serves amazing Kachori-Sabzi and Tea.
Like I said Kolkata has numerous number of Kachori-Sabzi shops; as a matter of fact, you will find a local Kachori-Sabzi shop in every alternate street in Kolkata. Every one of them have a pretty different taste and if you are a foodie you should definitely try them out. Maybe, one of them might even outshine these famous shops which I mentioned above. Salkia(Howrah), Park Street, Dum Dum, Alipore are a few areas where you will many Kachori-Sabzi shops. So, what are you waiting for? Go food hunting!

Featured Photo: Kachoris by mynameisharsha under CC BY-SA 2.0

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