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Chappan Bazaar – A Visit To Indore Is Incomplete Without It

Why a Visit to Indore is Incomplete Without Chappan Bazaar?

Imagine, if someone told you that you could actually walk down streets that had nothing else but only food. What kind of food? Sweets, chaats, samosas, rolls and the list of fast foods can go on and on.

Remember as children when we dreamt of living in a goodies world, where the trees were made of candies, rivers were melted chocolate and instead of flowers we could pick cakes. Well now as grownups the menu has changed a bit of course (owing to us looking more like laddoos than candy sticks), but who does not shelter childhood dreams in a safe corner.

Now imagine, if someone told you that you could actually walk down streets that had nothing else but only food. What kind of food? Sweets, chaats, samosas, rolls and the list of fast foods can go on and on.

This magical food nest is none other than the Chappan Bazaar in Indore. Chappan means the number 56. And Bazaar means market. “Chappan Bazaar – a market places of 56 shops”. This means that there are 56 shops here and all of them sell only food items. When the market was originally built there were 56 shops, however with time some shops moved out.

The Chappan Bazaar/Chowk is located on the Palasia –Road and can be easily accessed from any part of the city. Once you reach near the market, it is best to park your vehicle in the crowded street and travel the market by foot. For one, the place is packed with people gorging on their favorite savories at all times of the day, which leaves very little or no room for you to traverse the food paradise on any vehicle. Secondly, and this reason is purely a work of my imagination, it’s better for digestion if you walk after a heavy meal. This is because once you’re in the market, there is no way that you will not stuff yourself with all time favorite fast foods.

What makes Chappan Chowk a unique and loved destination of Indore, is that it is very easy on the wallet. The rates are extremely reasonable and you can gorge many items that are well within budget. That is the basic concept of fast foods, where service is super quick and prices low. This doesn’t mean that you can eat dahi vadas and pedas for all three meals of the day. Beware, that though it may be tempting, overeating can have hazardous effects.

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Indian fast food is probably one of the most underrated cuisines of the world. Who doesn’t like a hot plate of pav bhaji, or a samosa dipped in tangy tamarind chutney? Who could resist from taking a bite of those jumbo vada paavs or how could one say no to a shikanji, even when you think your stomach would burst? Of course, I do not need to answer any of these questions, because even before you realize, your mouth has started watering and you are craving for your favorite chaat or sweet.

There is also a cloth market located near the Chowk area, where you can shop for clothes and when tired just hop off to the nearest food stall.

In my excitement thinking about raj kachoris, sev puri and rasagollas, I have unjustly ignored the simple yet very delicious and nutritious poha. One of all time favorites of the people of Indore, poha walas are a common site on the streets of Indore. It is, therefore, obvious that poha would be sold at Chappan Chowk, primarily because everything that falls under the tasty, chatpat, sweet or yum category will be found at Chappan Chowk.

Pohas and some other items are sold as earlier as from 6 am in the morning. All shops are open till as late as 11 pm at night.

Need I say anymore as to why a visit to Indore would be incomplete without visiting Chappan Bazaar. Any food for thought?

Raiwada, Indore by sheetalsaini under CC BY 2.0


Quiet, reflective, introspective are the best ways to describe her. With a degree in Geography and work experience in the geo and mapping sector, Tasneem enjoys to spend time with nature and go for unplanned adventures. Reading and writing are her favorite things to do, besides watching movies and gorging on street food. Though a resident of Chennai, she feels she visits all those places that she writes and reads about.

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