Chandlai Lake, The 140-year Old Inland Water Body In Jaipur

Rivers, lakes, streams, mountains, hills, plateau, plains are all exquisitely exotic. Owing to the expansive territory of India with diverse cultures and traditions and with varied topographical features, the nation posses remarkable natural spots that one can bask in and spend their crucial and important leisure time.  From arid deserts of Rajasthan to the remote stretches of Kanyakumari to the chilly winds of Himalaya, the country can beguile you by its wondrous beauty. There is an umpteen number of beautiful lakes in India. Chandlai lake is one of such old and exotic lakes in Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan.  Visiting around Jaipur, it will be a regretting folly if you do not add this lake to your itinerary. Either balmy dawn or soothing dusk you can spend long hours with your binocular watching birds doing their daily routine.

The Birds’ Paradise

Long-tailed Shrike
Photo of ‘Long-tailed Shrike’ by Mike Prince under CC BY 2.0

This spectacular lake is located at a distance of 30 km from a bustling terrific pink city Jaipur. If you travelling via road do not miss the Kota milestone as it is just a few yards from that junction. While the lake attracts nature lovers, photographers, tourists from all over the world, it unarguably tows the non-native and tropical, exotic birds from all over the world. These feathered and chirping creatures fly every year to feed the content of this freshwater lake. They spend around two to five months here before their departure time in April or May according to the climatic conditions of the location.

These breathtaking birds arrive from Central Europe, Central Asia, Africa, China and other far natural locations of the globe. The lake sees around 8000 to 10,000  number of migratory birds in the region. Moreover, there are various species like Northern Shoveler Pintail, Tufted duck, Common Pochard, common redshank, common teal and common greenshank that visit here. It is astoundingly remarkable view to see these multifarious kinds of birds gathering here before further embarking upon their annual journey. The spot is undoubtedly a photographer’s, a botanist’s, a zoologist’s and a naturalist’s delight.

Apart from the birds, this freshwater lake also breeds a varied species of fishes and aquatic life. For the same reason, there are contracts made by the fisheries department for the special export.

Chandlai Lake – 140-year-old Gem

Chandlai Lake is a vast expanse of a water body, where the eye meets the hazy horizon at the farthermost stretch. The most strange fact about this lake is that it is 140 years old and it has seen a generation of outstanding birds, flora and fauna. The lake is generally observed to be partially vacant before the monsoon rains set in. Many times it completely dries out too.

After repeated petitions and approaches, Chandlai lake was finally declared as a protected lake through the Rajasthan Lake ordinance in 2015. Although it attracts a lot of tourists, there is no watchtower for disciplined scrutiny of the guests. The Chandlai lake stands as pristine as it could be despite the number of issues it faces today.

Featured Photo of ‘Southern Grey Shrike’ by Mike Prince under CC BY 2.0

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