Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park In Gujarat

Champaner Pavagadh is a renowned archaeological park, situated in Gujarat. It is listed in the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The park is symbolic to host several historic and pre-historic cultures and heritages which are of massic archaeological significance.

Situated at a height of almost 800 meters above the sea level in the Pavagadh hill, the park is embellished with magnificent buildings, several temples, and mosques dating back to the earliest 8th century to the latest 15th century. You can find the wonderful creations of the Indian artisans on the walls of the historical structures. There are even ancient wells and remains of old palaces, temples, gates, and several other buildings yet to be explored.

The nearest airports are Vadodara and Ahmedabad. The nearest railway station is that of Champaner. You can also hire a cab or ride along with your own car. Buses also operate between the park and the prominent places within the city and even outside the city of Champaner.

The best time to visit the park is during the winter from October to February when the weather is quite pleasant in Gujarat.

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The main attractions

The Spectacular Monuments

Investigations have revealed that there are, approximately 114 monuments present within the park, many of which are still unexplored. The monuments which include mosques, walls, gates, tomb, palaces, and even wells create a scintillating view across the hills. The exotic architectural beauty and the majestic nature of the monuments are a treat to the eyes. The uniqueness of the buildings is the wide pavilion encompassed with the tall beautifully carved minarets.

The significant among them is the Jama Masjid. The mosque has some exclusive and intricate designs on it to add to its intrinsic beauty. The royal family had a special private prayer hall in Saher ki Masjid. Other than these two, there are several other mosques which enhance the ethnicity of the park.

There are about eight gates inside the park, each with a unique name of its own. One of them even has the name of the Buland Darwaza.

The Majestic Forts and Fortresses

It is a wonderful view to watch the elegant forts and fortresses along the hills and plains of the park. Their walls are made of sandstone with the balconies adding to their majestic grandeur. Each of them has their own gates, iconic for protecting and fortifying the area from its enemies during the ancient times. It also hosts barracks where soldiers used to stay during war or training sessions. There are even old prisons where the rulers of the kingdom kept their prisoners of war or the commoners.

The rooms of the guards have two parallel gates for extra protection and windows made of stones with detailed artistic works embedded on them.

The Hindu and Jain Temples

The Hindu temples within the park depict the myths, stories, and incarnations of various gods and goddesses of the Hindus. The sculpture inside the temples depict the unique skills of the artists. The carvings are mainly made out of stone and are intricately elaborated with splendid designs. The prominent temple among them is the Kalika Mata temple. Throughout the year several worshipers visit the temple to offer their prayers.

The Jain temples are equally significant with their elegant decor and exclusiveness. Their aesthetic beauty, with the elaborate carvings and the images of the Jain spiritual teachers, are significant and pleasing.

The other attraction in the park is the House of the Pigeons. In colloquial language it is popularly known as the Kabootar Khana. You can also visit Jambughoda. It is a wildlife sanctuary flocked with the tropical deciduous trees and vibrant wild life. Several species of birds and animals reside inside the sanctuary. It is a perfect place for the adventure loving enthusiasts.

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a paradise for people having a special interest in learning the ancient history of India along with its interesting buildings. Every year the place experiences tourists from all over the world to indulge in its magnificent beauty.

Featured Photo of ‘IN Champaner-Pavagadh 0906 (90)’ by Diego Tirira under CC BY-SA 2.0

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