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Chakrata, The Hidden Gem Of Uttrakhand

Uttarakhand boasts of some scenic destinations and one among them is Chakrata. The place is dotted with waterfalls, hills and bird sanctuaries. Let’s have a look at what the travelers can indulge in.

Top Attractions In Chakrata, Uttarakhand

1. Tiger Waterfalls

It is one of the most popular attractions in Chakrata and can be easily explored with a small trek of say 5 km. Once you reach the destination, you will see yourself surrounded by natural vegetation (deodar trees) and a small pond. If adventure kicks you Rappelling down the falls is the finest things to do with friends or family.

2. Deoban

Situated 13 kms away from Chakrata is Deoban- it is one of the highest points located at an elevation of 2200 m. The place is surrounded by deodar forests and offers a spellbound view of snow-capped mountain peaks and lofty ranges. One of the most exciting things to do here is to watch different species of birds. Here, the tourists can locate the rare birds like yellow crowned woodpecker, Himalayan woodpecker, Hawk, Cuckoo, Vulture, Chukar Partride, to name a few.

3. Budher caves

Popular for stalactite and stalagmite formations, Budher caves are ideal for adventure enthusiast. Located 30 kms from Chakrata, these caves are said to be constructed by the Pandavas of epic Mahabharata. Exploring these caves is a lot of fun, though the expedition is too difficult.

4. Chilmri Neck

Located 20-30 minutes away from Chakrata, Chilmri Neck is the highest peak to be explored. This serves as a vantage point as the tourists can view other points too from here like Rohini Peak, Bandarpunch Massif, Swarga Peak, etc. The dense forest surrounding the region makes it an ideal destination for ornithologists. Here, the tourists can spot different birds, butterflies, sun rise and sunset.

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5. Yamuna Adventure Park

It is one of the main attractions in Chakrata. Here, the adventure buffs from all walks of life come together to do water activities like water rappelling, swimming, bridge slithering and river crossing.

Apart from other adventurous activities, rock climbing in the Deobam forests remains on the top of priority list. Mostly solo travellers, friends or office groups opt for such activities.

6. Horse Riding

Horse riding is another activity that tourists can resort to. Your hotel staff can arrange the horse riding tour for you.

The best way to explore the Chakrata and nearby villages is through cycling tour. These trails are organized by the private players and may take you to the most frequented destinations like Makhti Pokhari and Jaunsari villages, where you can interact with the locals and know more about their lifestyle and custom.

7. Kanasar-Koti-Kansar

This is an ideal tourist destination located 26 km away from Chakrata town. The place is perfect for honeymoon couple who want to build a long- lasting bond. Surrounded by green meadows and lush green forests, the destination boasts of having Asia’s largest and oldest Deodar tree.

6. Kalsi

Kalsi is a  small town sandwiched in between Dehradun and Chakrata on the banks of Yamuna river. The town is known for its heritage value. The town boasts of having rock edicts and inscriptions of famous Maurayan Emperor Ashoka. The language inscribed on the rock is Pali.The Ashoka Edict was built in 450 BC and is preserved fairly well by the Archaeological Department of India. You can also enjoy fishing here but a prior permission needs to be taken.

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7. Lakhamandal

It is a popular temple located in between Chakrata and Mussorie. The temple is dedicated t Lord Shiva and Shivling is made from graphite. This is the same temple where Duryodhan tried to kill Pandavas by making them stay at a place built from wax.

In all, Chakrata is an ideal tourist destination that envelops natural beauty with a solace.

Featured Photo by Ashish Gupta under CC BY 2.0

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