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Goa is known for creating memories, visiting beaches, churches and relishing Goan cuisine. Once you are off to Goa, you will never miss your home land. The paradise of nature, quaint beaches that offers host of adventurous activities, make it a must visit destination among the travelers diary. Though there are several beaches that pull up the spirit of adventure seekers, but the most exciting and scenic beach that catches the attention of adrenaline junkies or adventure thrillers looking for additional wilderness is Butterfly Beach, Goa.

The beach is located near to the Palolem Beach, South Goa. The beach has got into limelight owing to its crystal clear water and white sands. This beach lies behind the thick forest and so it is wrapped by green, white and blue shades. The beach is still unknown to the people hence the water here is clear and free from pollutants. The place seems to be the close description of a fairy tale land. Here, people get crazy for the photographs and pose it in different manner to attract their beaus, ex’s and a lot more. Just like any other beach, here you can get a panoramic view of Dolphins. This place is best for the tourists who are seeking peace and isolation. This beach is the quietest among all and unexplored. It still continues to attract attention of hordes of tourists. The beauty of this beach makes it a heavenly destination.

How did its name originated?

It is believed that according to its name, here the tourists find dozens of butterflies flying over here. The place is a good escape from daily hustle and bustle of city life.

How to reach to the destination?

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The beach has no access to cars, buses or even bikes as it is surrounded by dense green forest. You can reach to Palolem Beach and then have a boat ride from there costing Rs 1000-Rs 1200 for a two way ride. In low tide, you can stroll towards the beach and trek through the dense forest to reach to the destination.


Butterfly Beach is one of the beaches that attract people from different walks of life. The sight of the dolphin attracts the tourists. Travelers can come here and pay visit as a picnic zone; carrying own food and drink. You will be surprised to see the number of gift shops that this place has. Each shop selling its own unique souvenir for you to take home. Starting from bamboo articles to shell work to local handicrafts, these shops stocks a wide array of items. Carrying binoculars with you is the best idea, just in case you see some amazing sightseeing spot that you can afford to miss.

Photo by Nicolas Vollmer

Butterfly Beach In Goa – Perfect For Adrenaline Junkies And Adventure Thrillers

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