Buhari Hotel – One Of The Prestigious Restaurants In Chennai

If you are in Chennai, and you are getting a conservative vibe from the place about their food culture then you are wrong. There are an equal number of amazing restaurants for both vegetarians and meat lovers in Chennai. Over the years, a variety of delightful non veg cuisines have opened up across the city. But the Buhari hotel is one which stood out to me.

Buhari hotel in Chennai is one of the prestigious restaurant which opened its gates to the public in 1951, The place started with espresso machines serving steaming cup of coffee, which was accompanied by great  music of the times, and English cutlery so foodies can experience a different dining experience.

The man behind Buhari different dining experience was Mr A.M. Buhari who created various signature dishes to make its restaurant stand apart from various other restaurants in business. He created various different blends of biryani and chicken recipes which stood out to the public in Madras. Mr. Buhari who left his village and gone to Sri Lanka when he was 10 years old. Has taken some years to settle and find his passion. Mr Buhari was always fond of food and groceries of which he started trading which later led to introduction of Buhari Hotel in Colombo which has served Buhari’s signature dish.  The mildly spiced fragrant biryani which was a trademark dish of Buhari brand in Colombo has also travelled to Madras when Mr Buhari’s Father wanted him to return to India and open a branch of Buhari in Chennai.Now the restaurant has nine branches in city and  is looking forward to set up  more in  upcoming years.

The Mount Road branch which is the oldest one in Chennai for more than five decades. It has served various generations of celebrities, actors and superstars.and introduced many other signature dishes as well..Buhari hotel is not only known for mildly spiced biryani .It has also introduced chicken 65 recipe – a deep fried chicken dish with red colouring, It is also rumored or theorized that it takes 65 days to prepare the marinade for Chicken 65, or the dish got its name from the fact that the chicken was cut into 65 pieces before being cooked and served. There was another theory stating that dish might contains 65 chilli red peppers because of which it has a red fiery color , However, the truth is that  the dish was made for Indian soldiers in 1965 from which it got its name.

Buhari hotel also offers Chinese food, paronthas, and tandoori platters if you are not a Chicken or biryani person. There are also other various service and amenities which make food Experience at Buhari Hotel More worthwhile.

Home Delivery- Buhari Hotel also deliver food to homes which makes it easy to enjoy non-veg delicacies while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Room Amenities: Buhari hotel offers air-conditioned rooms  for the people who want to rest  after a hearty meal at restaurant.


1951- Buhari Hotel First Branch opened in 1951 at Mount Road Chennai

1956 – A.M. Buhari introduced a jukebox and a coffee machine at the Anna Salai branch which made it stand out from other restaurants in Chennai.

1965 – Buhari hotel introduced Chicken 65

1996 – Founder Mr. A.M Buhari died.

Location, Price and Hours of Operation-

  • Location – Anna Salai, Mount Road, Chennai, Near Cosmpolitan Club, Opposite Mosque & Tarapore Towers
  • Prices – 500 to 1000 INR for 2 people (Depending on the dishes ordered) Meat dishes will cost more as compare to curries and rice dishes.
  • Hours of Operation- 10:00 am – 1:30 am (May vary by Branch)

If you happen to visit Chennai, do hop in to taste some delicious food at this iconic restaurant.

Featured Photo of ‘Southern India – Food’ by Jason Chung under CC BY 2.0

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