Brijraj Bhawan Palace – The Enchanting Palace At Kota

Kota is famous for hosting many of the prominent travel destinations of Rajasthan and that of India. One such frequently visited place is the Brijraj Bhawan Palace. The palace is famous for its historical significance and cultural prominence. It is now converted into a hotel, visited by thousands of tourists from all over India. The ancient tinge embedded within the architecture and structure of the palace is charming and attractive.

The History

The palace was constructed in the year 1830 by the East India Company, serving as the official residence of the British especially that of Major Charles Burton. It was then known as the Agency Bungalow. During the famous Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, the Indian soldiers had conquered the palace and the Major was also killed in the attacks along with other Britishers. The locals believe that the Major still visits the palace, protecting and preserving the building.

The palace was renamed as Brijraj Bhawan in 1956 when Brijraj Singh, the Maharao of Kota, started residing along with the royal family. He renovated the palace into a hotel in 1964, welcoming visitors to enjoy their stay amid ancient historical charm and enigmatic beauty.

The Grandeur of the Palace

The grandness of the palace is enormous, especially the royal décor adorning the rooms inside it. The walls portray the stunning paintings and sculptures of the Rajasthani culture and style. It is amazing to spend a vacation in the palace admiring the stunning architectural beauty and its spectacular curated garden.

The garden is well maintained and preserved with lush green trees, shrubs and bright flowers. You can sit in the lawn underneath the blue sky for a sumptuous breakfast or lunch. The melodious voice of the chirping birds, the soothing breeze and the panoramic beauty enchants the guests, a perfect relaxation from the anxieties and worries of the daily life.

The food is delicious, offering a wider variety of the Rajasthani cuisine as well as other Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine. You can sit inside the restaurant or outside in the lawn within the lap of nature. Relishing the delectable food, many times fresh from the garden produce is alluring and tempting. The dining area is superbly decorated with traditional furniture, huge oil paintings and elegant lighting.

One of the key attractions is to sit at the lawn watching the flowing waters of the River Chambal. The natural beauty combined with the grandeur of Rajasthani royals transform the palace into a dream house.

The Other attractions in and around the Palace

Staying at the palace, you can go for a short tour to the nearby places of attraction. You can visit the Madho Rao Singh museum and look at some of the exquisite collections of Brijraj Singh.

Boat ride at the river Chambal is a pristine experience, as you watch the spectacular landscape with the sparkling blue river waters at the backdrop of sprawling rocky cliffs. Enjoying the balmy breeze at the banks of the river and floating atop a boat is one of the favourite pastimes of guests staying at the palace hotel.

Several cultural shows and performances are organized at the banquet hall of the palace as well at the beautiful terrace garden. Song and dances performed by the locals entertain the guests. The shows are held mostly in the evenings as the dawn sets in spreading an aura of the golden reflection of the sun rays on the majestic palace gardens.

Some Key Facts about the Palace

The palace can be visited at any time of the year, but best is during the winters. The weather at Kota is pleasant and comfortable, offering you a wondrous moment in the vicinity of nature. You can sit and relax at the palace terrace gardens and immerse into its age-old charming architectural magnificence amid the charming atmosphere circumference the palace.

Just like other prominent tourist destinations of Kota, the palace is easily accessible from different parts of the city and the state and even from different regions of India. The nearest airport is at Jaipur and the nearest railway station is at Kota Junction. Buses and cabs for hire are available in abundance to reach the palace from various parts of the city.

Next time when you plan to visit Kota, do add this astonishing palace into your bucket list and witness the charming Indian history coupled with the enticing natural beauty.

Featured Photo Of ‘Architecture Chomu-Palace Rajasthan India’ by jpeter2 under Pixabay License

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