Borim Bridge – A Simplistic Beauty In North Goa

Goa is the epicentre of tourism in India, welcoming visitors from different parts of India and abroad. We all are aware of its spectacular beaches, the huge palm trees and the historical churches and monuments of the Portuguese culture. But little do we know about a small town called Borim in the district of North Goa. Situated on the banks of the River Zuari, this small town is a simplistic hamlet amid natural beauty and rich history. An offbeat destination of the town yet quite important among the locals is the Borim Bridge.

The Borim bridge has recently been in the news, due to the demand from the locals to renovate or construct a new bridge at the same place. The reason being overloading of the bridge by vehicles and people, availed to avoid the heavy traffic in the main streets of the town.

The Popular Story behind Borim Bridge

The bridge has been in limelight since 2011 when three friends complained of noticing paranormal activity while crossing it in their car. They narrated of noticing a woman crying and jumping into the river, but then they could not find any ripples or disturbances in the waters. Quite astonished and stupefied they went on crossing the bridge when one of them sitting at the back seat complained of the same woman beside him in the car and was completely horrified. But after that, there were no stories heard about any other tourists or locals facing such a situation, so the authenticity is yet to be proved. But for safety reasons, the bridge remains closed to the public after 6 PM every day.

The History behind Borim Bridge

The old Borim bridge was constructed during the Portuguese era in Goa across the River Zuari for convenience of the locals to cross from the side of the river to another. The bridge suffered major damages during the war of 1961. It was again reconstructed and renovated for use. Between the years 1977 and 1986, Gammon India Limited constructed a new Borim bridge and abandoned the old one due to its deteriorating condition. But people still visit the old one, symbolizing the age-old architectural reminiscence.

The View from the Bridge

Keeping aside the spooky stories, the locals and the tourists frequent a lot to the old bridge especially to view the mystic beauty of nature in the adjacent area. Watching the sunset from the bridge is an amazing experience. As dusk sets in, the golden rays of the sun create a glittering effect on the river waters spreading an aura of golden hue across the sky. The soothing breeze in the afternoon is quite envious. The greenery around is amazing, a perfect treat for the eyes.

Another stunning feature of the bridge is experiencing the melodious chirping of the birds. Bird watchers can have a lovely time observing many local and exotic species of birds in and around the river waters. Tourists till now have reported witnessing the green bee-eater, black and brahminy kites, kingfisher, cormorant, heron, egret, red-wattled lapwing and white-browed wagtail.

How to reach the bridge?

Tourists often halt at Borim town for few hours and then move ahead to other destinations in North Goa. Many prefer to stay overnight at the hotels nearby to the Borim bridge. Commuting towards the bridge or even crossing the bridge is not a problem since its well connected to different parts of Goa. If you are not travelling in a hired cab, then you can either board a bus and reach the nearby Borim bridge bus stop or travel by train to reach the nearby railway station at Madgaon.

The Best Time to visit the bridge

Being located in North Goa, the best time to visit the bridge is between the months of November and March. The weather is pleasing and beautiful, perfect for experiencing the natural beauty from the bridge. Many birds flock near the river, leaving you awestruck and mesmerized.

Tourists tend to visit the prominent destinations in Goa and seldom forget to immerse into the serene and calm beauty of nature at a small place like Borim. The bridge may be significantly small in comparison to the exotic beaches of Goa, but the tranquillity hidden inside it is incomparable and unparalleled.

Featured Photo of ‘Under the borim bridge’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

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