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Bollywood: Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!

Bollywood: Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!

Imagine life without Bollywood. “Nahiiiii!!!” An unimaginable condition for all Indians. We cannot live without Bollywood, it’s like oxygen in air. After Roti, Kapda and Makaan it is Bollywood. Like Biryani, with the perfect blend of masalas; it creates perfect magic for everyone. Whether it’s a toddler or a grandparent it touches everyone. All of us have our favorite songs, dialogues, reel couples, fight sequences, chases… the list is endless.

And why not, Bollywood has contributed so much to enliven an otherwise mundane days. The best thing Bollywood bestowed upon us are the songs; songs for literally every occasion. So every event becomes musical and entertaining, whether it’s a picnic, festival, Independence Day, birth, wedding… there is a song for that occasion. For the fashionistas, many fashion trends are set by the lead actors in the movie. Even tourism industry gets a boost, as many songs are shot at beautiful locations at home and abroad leaving a desire in the viewers to visit those places, and sooner or later they accomplish it. Bollywood gave birth to a unique and energetic dance form too, the world famous ‘Bollywood Style’. How can one not shake a leg, “Agar koi music feel kar sakta hai … then anybody can dance!”

Each movie is made to offer a different experience to the viewers, even though the storyline might be similar; the direction, songs, actors and dialogues differentiate each one of them. One hit movie, and we eat, sleep and breathe the favorite things we pick from that movie. The songs are played at house parties, birthday celebration, dance classes, school/ college annual days, even during festivals (Gods get to hear bhajans in Bollywood inspired tunes). The fashion changes, I too had few masterpieces stitched by my tailor after the release of Maine Pyar kiya, DDLJ and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. And not to forget how those quirky and sometimes inspirational dialogues become a part of our day to day conversation. Just like how “Cola shola sab apni jagah… paani ka kaam sirf paani kar sakta hai” nothing can quench your thirst for entertainment like Bollywood.

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When it comes to watching a Bollywood movie in a theatre it’s altogether a different experience. There we get involved in the movie, we sing along, we take sides, we talk to the actors and we get carried away by the melodrama. Whether an extravagant one or a simple low budget one, just like biryani, Hindi movies leave the viewers wanting for more. Biryani won’t taste the same if any of the spice is missed; watching a Hindi movie will not be the same without the usual dance, music and drama. This unique blend makes your heart say, “Mogambo khush Hua!” but it doesn’t end there because “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost.”

All the Bollywood fans reading this, hope you found at least one of your favorite dialogues here.

Featured Photo of Bollywood Dancers by Earls37a


Lakshmi loves to explore, experience, experiment and write about all little things that tickles her fancy. Lax, as she is known by few has been a communication professional for more than a decade. After quitting her full time job she has moved into part-time work that gives her the freedom and time to pursue interests in travelling, reading, gardening, cooking and few other things. Lax would love to explore new avenues; and would love to believe that she is making a difference.

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