Bishop Cotton School, Shimla

The Bishop Cotton School in Shimla is one of the oldest and regarded as one of the best boy’s schools in India. It was founded in 1859 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton. Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton was a great scholar and had completed his graduation from Cambridge.

One Of The Best Archaeological Schools Built-In India

The Bishop Cotton school was built in 1859 and makes it one of the oldest boy’s schools in the country. The school celebrated its 150 years of existence in 2009. Even after being so old the school buildings are well maintained. Over the year the stature and the quality of the school have only grown and hence it has also been regarded as the best boy’s school in India by various media sources like the Times of India, Outlook and the Education World Magazine.

The Bishop Cotton School has a 56-acre campus which houses the various buildings and the school’s infrastructure. The school is divided into 4 houses and it is named after the people who have provided financial help to the school in 1905 after the great fire that had occurred. The school campus consists of various buildings, the houses, dormitories, halls. There are gardens placed to make the campus look beautiful and surroundings peaceful. The children of similar age groups are kept together. Students from classes 3 to 8 are kept in dormitories.

The dorms are really big and can house up to 34 students at a time. There are matrons appointed to supervise each dorm. There is a big fountain in the front porch of the campus commemorating Sardar Sohan Singh. There is also a war memorial and a museum in the campus. Right next to the Curzon dormitory house there is a cannon and aircraft memorial in the premises. Viceroy Lawrence has laid the foundation stone at the current site of the school.

The Bishop Cotton School has one of the best Infrastructure

The Bishop Cotton School receives applications from all over India. Along with highly qualified teaching staff and very good educational facilities, the school is also famous for doing really well in sports activities. There are good sports facilities available for the student to groom them on various sports activities. The school campus has Bawa Squash courts and Shankar hall for indoor badminton. The school usually has a 100% success rate in the board exams. The teachers of the school are available for children’s help at any time of the day since the teaching system is backed by a remedial address system. 

Both the boys and the staff are residents within the school campus. Approximately around 500 students are admitted for a given calendar year. The school has produced a lot of army officers, judges, politicians, ministers and ambassadors. Even after being into existence for years now. The Bishop school has only grown in stature and earned its name as being on the best schools in Asia. People from India as well as overseas prefer their boys to join this school rather than any of the other boy’s boarding’s schools in India.

Featured Photo: School, Shimla by Nick Irvine-Fortescue under CC BY-ND 2.0

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