Bhuigaon Beach – An Enchanting Beach In Vasai, Maharashtra

The place has been gaining quite a popularity as a tourist destination, especially since its less crowded and the tranquility that prevails around. The beach earned its name from the nearby Bhuigaon village.

The Exotic Beauty of Bhuigaon Beach

Located far away from the crowded city life, the beach is a perfect place to spend a relaxing day. The beach is clean with the curly waves splashing on the shore. Sunrise and sunset entertain the visitors with its pristine beauty. The golden sun rays cast a magical spell on the gleaming sea waters. The visitors are sure to witness a mesmerizing experience at the beach side.

Some part of the beach is rocky while most part of it is smooth and plain. The sand on the beach is a bit dark in colour. You can sit at the rocks in the midst of nature’s astounding beauty and enchant your heart and mind. A part of the beach is dotted with a line of huge Suruchi trees standing close to each other. The gentle swaying of the tree leaves creates a soothing breeze to calm the human body. You can enjoy an enchanting walk on the grass in between the trees. Above the beach in the blue sky, the white fluffy clouds seem to play hide and seek with the sun. The surreal beauty is bound to uplift your soul to a heavenly state.

You can find a small stream on the right side of the beach. The stream separates the Bhuigaon beach and the Kalamb beach, a similar uninhabited beach nearby. The place serves also an interesting spot for the bird watchers. The nearby grasslands and marshy lands are an ideal habitat for water birds. Many birds like crakes, buttonquails, cranes reside near the beach attracting the wild life photographers ad avid lovers of birds.

Enjoy exciting activities at the beach

There is ample space to play beach volley ball and beach football on the sands. Children can spend a wonderful time creating structures out of the beach sand. The little ones can run around the beach as much as they can since the entire place is quite empty and uninhabited. You can also find some children happily collecting sea shells and pebbles from the beach. Horses are also available on Bhuigaon beach for a ride along the sea shore.

Swimmers must not miss to plunge and enjoy the cool sea waters. It is fun to tread along with the foaming waves and enjoy the day. You can also play water football on the calm waters of the sea.

How to reach Bhuigaon Beach?

By Road

You can hire a cab from Vasai-Virar and reach the beach, situated at a distance of 11.4 km away and travelling time of 30 min.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is Vasai Station. You can hire a cab from the station to the beach. The distance between the station and beach is 10.4 km with the travelling distance of 28 min.

By Air

The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. From Mumbai, buses and cabs are available till Virar situated at a distance of 59.3 km with a travelling time of 1 hr 48 min. You can also avail of the local train to reach Virar. From Virar, you need to hire a cab to reach the beach.

Best time to visit Bhuigaon Beach

The best time to visit the Bhuigaon beach is during the winter season. The weather is comfortable and pleasant with the mild breeze to entertain the tourists. Monsoons are not preferable as rains will hamper the enjoyment at the beach. Summers are also preferable but it is best to visit in the afternoon to avoid the extreme sun rays.

Tips for Travellers’ visiting Bhuigaon Beach

There are certain things you must remember before planning for a visit to the beach

  • No entry fees for the beach
  • Sunrise and sunset at the beach are awesome and must never be missed
  • Tourists must leave before dark descends on the beach
  • Carry sunglasses and caps to avoid the heat
  • Apply sunscreen lotion to protect against the sun rays
  • Carry swimming attires for an enjoyable dip into the sea waters
  • Wear comfortable clothes and proper beach shoes for a pleasant day at the beach
  • Parking spaces are present at the beach if you are travelling in own vehicles
  • It is advisable to carry food and water bottles with you as there are very few shops near the beach
  • There are few dustbins at the beach. It is recommended to use the bins instead of throwing wastes on the sands.

Bhuigaon beach is slowly gaining popularity offering a plethora of opportunities for the locals and tourists from various parts of India. It is our responsibility to preserve and protect the beauty of the beach and entice tourists from all over the world.

Featured Photo of ‘Sunset’ by Philip Tellis under CC BY-SA 2.0

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