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Bhangarh Fort: The Magnificent 17th Century Town With A Haunting

If you want some thrilling and spine chilling experience, then Bhangarh Fort located in Rajasthan state of India, could be the place to visit. It is considered the most haunted place in India. Located 30 km from the Sariska National Park border, the fort is a mysterious place, which no one is allowed to enter post-sundown.

The story behind the Evil Energy at Bhangarh

Bhangarh (one of the india's most haunted places)
Photo of ‘Bhangarh (one of the india’s most haunted places)’ by Vikramdeep Sidhu under CC BY 2.0

The Bhangarh Fort was built by royals of Rajasthan in the 17th century. Madho Singh built the Bhangarh town in 1631. The fort is said to have more than ten thousand dwellings during its peak time. But around 300 years ago, the fort was abandoned and no one has dared to live there since then.

There are various tales about the fort’s misfortune. The most popular one is about an evil wizard who fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh. The princess rejected the wizard’s proposal and the spurned lover cursed the town. It is said that the ghosts of the wizard and the princess are still trapped in the fort. Anyone who dares to enter the fort post-sunset faces the wrath of the evil wizard. Another story is about Guru Balu Nath, whose retreat was located near the fort. The King had got permission to build the fort with condition that its shadow doesn’t cover the Guru’s Samadhi spot. When the king prospered he built more structures which eventually covered the Guru’s retreat, who cursed the town. The town was also attacked by Mughals and the said deserted condition could also be the result of a fierce battle.

No one really knows the truth, but locals here believe that the evil magic rules the place at night. Hence, no one dares to go to Bhangarh at night and some of those brave hearts who have dared to be there after sunset, have experienced spooky happenings and heard strange noises. The fort is currently under the Archaeological Society of India (ASI), which also bans any evening excursions. It is also because of the danger of the presence of wildlife from nearby Sariska National Park.

The Beauty at Bhangarh Fort

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Bhangarh Fort
Photo of ‘Bhangarh Fort’ by Shahnawaz Sid under CC BY 2.0

While the spookiness of the fort is an attraction for tourists here, the surrounding natural beauty and the marvelous architecture of the structure is another element that is captivating. Though the Bhangarh town is completely ruined, there are interesting temples, lakes, market place and palaces inside. The fort has four entry gates and several temples dedicated to various deities. Surrounded by the picturesque Aravali hills, the fort is quite near to the Sariska National Park and if one is fortunate sometimes a tiger can also be spotted at Bhangarh.

When and how to go to Bhangarh?

Bhangarh can be visited at any time of the year, though the scorching heat of Rajasthan from March to June is better avoided and of course no night visits here! The nearest city to Bhangarh is Alwar, where there is a railway station for those wanting to travel by train. The fort is about 235 km or 145 miles away from Delhi and about 88.2 km from Jaipur. One can club the visit to Bhangarh with a safari at the Sariska National Park as well.

Featured Photo of ‘Bhangarh Fort’ by Shahnawaz Sid under CC BY 2.0

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