Bhandardara – Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

Bhandardara – A Perfect Weekend Getaway

Nested in the Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra, this beautiful place is blessed with blessings of mother nature. Bhandardara is all about lush greenery, waterfalls, high mountains refreshing air and flawless ambiance; all this together make this place a perfect weekend spot. The Bhandardara resort is located on the river Pravara. This is an amazingly beautiful resort and can actually leave you speechless.

Special Notes: Bhandardara is a a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik or Ahmadnagar. Centrally located between these cities, its around 3.25 hrs from Mumbai, 4.5 hrs from Pune, 1.6 hrs from Nashik and 3.5 hrs from Ahmednagar.

Bhandardara: The Seamless Weekend Spot

Relax @ Bhandardara

Located at 750 meters above the sea level, this is one of the most beautiful tourist spot in the state of Maharashtra. What makes it seamless is the natural beauty, which is just so perfect for a picnic; so just pack you picnic basket get some lip smacking snacks and drinks and get started. What can be more perfect that getting to lay a bed sheet just besides the Arthur Lake or the Umbrella Falls and relax admist the nature. Enjoy the most perfect views of rays of the sun falling on the water and get lost in the natural beauty. You can also enjoy angling at Bhandardara.

Fun Activities @ Bhandardara

Bhandardara is just not about relaxing but it’s also about having some real fun with trekking and also climbing up the Mount Kalsubai. For tourist who love history can explore the 400-year-old Ratangad Fort. The base point foe the most notable trekking point Harishchandragad is also located in Bhandardara.

Popular Tourist Attractions at Bhandardara

1. Wilson Dam

Wilson Dam was built in the year 1910 and is located on the River Pravara. There is a beautiful garden at the base of the dam which comprises of thick greenery, huge gigantic trees, streams and harmless bats. What makes this spot even more beautiful is the dam, during the rains when the water level rises and the gates of the dam is set opened, the severe water flows straight down the drain giving a mesmerising view.

2. Ratangad Fort

Located at a height of 4250ft, this fort is believed to be 2000+ years old and is one of the major attraction of Bhandardara. This fort is said to leave its tourist awe-struck as it has a very rich history and heritage. Another speciality of this spectacular place is the awesome view of the hill station from the fort which is very pleasing to one’s eyes. With the rich heritage and personification this fort gives an essence to the visitors of the great royalty of the place in the history.

Bhandardara arthur lake photo
Sunset over Arthur lake by Ankur P under CC BY-SA 2.0

3. Arthur Lake

The Arthur lake is surrounded by the lush mountains of the Sahyadri ranges, it is a charming pool which looks like a still blue mirror. The lake gets its water from the River Pravara. This lake is a perfect picnic spot where one can unwind and soak in lap of mother nature. If you happen to visit this place do, try out a pleasing walk with your loved ones around the lake during the sunset.

4. Mount Kalsuba

The lankiest peak in the state of Maharashtra which is full of beauty. Perfect spot for the sports lovers, as this place offers a great chance to experience real trekking. One can also explore a small temple on top of the hill while they complete their target of trekking a long way.

5. Randha Falls

The Randha falls is another very popular waterfall attraction in Bhandardara. This is a clear waterfall of the Pravara river which violently falls down from an of height 170 feet and further transforms into a magnificent gorge. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon as this is when the Randha falls looks most attractive.

6. Agatsya Rishi Ashram

A long-standing ashram which is also mentioned in the mythological text Ramayana. It is believed that Lord Ram and his beloved younger brother Lakshman has visited this ashram. They together took the blessings of Agastya Rishi and Rishi is also said to have given Lord Ram an arrow which helped him to defeat Ravana.

The beautiful mountainous backdrop and the mesmerising natural beauty makes Bhandardara a perfect retreat for some really relaxed moments away from the daily busy lifes. The charming beauty of Bhandardara is bound to leave you speechless and one the same time also excite you up with a variety of fun activities like trekking and angling. It’s truly an ideal blend of exploration and tranquillity.

Featured Photo: The water from the dam by Enygmatic-Halycon

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