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Are you one of those who sheepishly harbors the enticement for adventures? Don’t you lie, mate! (See, caught you there!) Now for the record, it’s time we beat the bush around the adventurous plots and look for the ‘Best Scuba Diving Places in India’. You with me?

Often classified as the most daring prospect in life, i.e. scuba diving; is the blossoming pick of ours for today. One of the top picks in form of getaway against the scorching heat in around the summer, scuba diving heralds a momentous spot in the bucket list of many. The swerve in the clear blue water in against the backdrop of marine life feels enthralling, to say the least. One can guess, why scuba diving is often commanded as the trip of the lifetime. You ain’t gonna dive into such heavenly clear blue water every day, are you? Can’t let the opportunity pass by!

But before you dwell on with the bandwagon of needing a trip to foreign shores for the guilty pleasures of scuba diving, lemme tell you something. India heralds greatest of coastal lanes seeping across with the clear sea water that reprimands the best scuba diving spots for the enthusiasts. No surprise, we pinged a piece on the best scuba diving places in India.

Don’t believe us, well this list of best scuba diving places in India down below shall enlighten you. Come join us for the dive deep into the coastal lanes, into the momentary lapse of marine life engrossed in a clear blue water.


6) Karnataka

  • To start off in the bid for the best scuba diving places in India, we’ve got Karnataka with us. With the presence of a scenic sea aligning along the coast, Karnataka offers a welcome treat for scuba divers. The coastal regions of the state are home to deep valleys, verdant forests, and fresh backwaters that offer a scenic view on the outset.
  • The waters along the sites are enriched with diverse marine life in the ilk of the Arabian Sea and Goa. You would be able to witness whales, turtles, stone fish and cobias during your scuba diving experience.
  • Here’re the top picks for the scuba diving sites in Karnataka-
  1. Bhatkal Wreck
  2. Pigeon Island
  3. Netrani Island
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5) Maharashtra 

  • With the western borders of the state flanked by the Arabian Sea, Maharashtra features a coastal lane with abundant marine life. The coastal waters remain clear and richly engrained with diverse marine life allowing the scuba divers an enthralling experience.
  • The coastal lanes allow scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting and boating along the clear blue water. Here’re the top picked sites for the scuba diving in Maharashtra-
  1. Tarkali Beach
  2. Malvan


4) Pondicherry/ Puducherry

  • An introspect of French allegiance that offers quite an entrance into the history and architecture of the French, this one is a quintessential place that sits atop of every person’s visit list. Known widely for many recreational activities in the ilk of scuba diving and more, Pondicherry offers an experience of a lifetime.
  • The sites for scuba diving are laden with marine lives in the ilk of King Fish, Orals, Moray Eels, Sea Snakes, Tiger Fish and Parrot Fish. Head over to these sites in Pondicherry for scuba diving experience
  1. Temple Reef
  2. 4 Corner
  3. The Hole
  4. Cool Shark Reef

3) Goa

  • If you’ve always envisioned Goa as a hub for beaches, clubs, pubs and alcohol, then you sure are missing out on one of the best scuba diving opportunity in your life. The abundance of underwater along the coastal lanes of Goa features deeply facilitated marine life.
  • Couple that with the clean blue water, the expedition is bound to be one of the best as Goa is often bracketed in the all time scuba diving places in India.  Here’re the best diving sites in and around Goa-
  1. Shelter Cove
  2. The Jetty
  3. Uma Guva Reef
  4. Locker of Davy Jones


2) Lakshadweep Islands

  • It is a myriad of islands lying on the stretch of 200 to 440 km. towards the southern coastal region of India, Lakshadweep Islands can’t be missed if you are into scuba diving. Lakshadweep Islands is also known as Amindivi islands or Minicoy or Laccadive. (One for the trivia)
  • The islands pack a resonating sea water appeal that induces multiple tourists over the years. The islands boast of crystal clear sea water that harbors sands and coral reefs which help facilitate richly ingrained marine life.
  • Here’re the top picks for the scuba diving sites in Lakshadweep Islands
  1. Bangarram Island
  2. Agatti Island
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1) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

  • And for the top of the pick in the best scuba diving places in India, we’ve earmarked the scenic Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The place is often placed in the top-tiers for being the best scuba diving sites in the whole of the nation and it doesn’t disappoint either.
  • The place retains a colosseum of clean blue water with blossoming marine life underneath. The island packs in greatly facilitated diving spots that’s laden with marine life like Sharks Angler, Fish, Scorpion Fish along with Coral Reefs.
  • Here’re the best-picked spots to dive around in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  1. Fish Rock (Passage island)
  2. The Wall (Havelock Island)
  3. Cinque Island (Port Blair)

So you willing to hit the deep blue waters in these spots? You must be aching to get to these sites, aren’t you?

Best Scuba Diving Places In India

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