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As all of us know that Goa is always famed for its spectacular beaches, stunning parties and especially the nightlife that would be the peak at the time of winter season. All time crowded by the travelers or tourist that too from all over the world, Goa is commonly offseason at the time of its monsoon. Yet the rains will enhance the charm of the Goa state in such a way that none of the other can do the same. We have drafted down few best reason why we must travel to Goa during the time of monsoon.

It is damn cheap!

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If you have the desire or love to stay in the classy beach villa at Goa and think it might go out of your budget then visit it during the monsoon time since at those periods you will get the villa rents to be damp cheap because of the offseason. You can relish in the gorgeous villa otherwise the expansive hotel that is located right on the beach side also delight in the Goa lavish greenery as it drizzles. The waterfalls would originate very much alive in these monsoon seasons that makes the natural beauty of Goa a lot more enhanced.

Crowded would be less

Goa will be often jam packed with the tourist, foreigners and locals, however, this statement becomes falls during the time of monsoon season. Delight in the elegant beach or else you can ease in the case by having a chill beer since you can find serenity and peace all around the area. Since it is been the offseason the crowd will be very much lesser or limited and not stuffed with crowd else people where ever you go for. Also, the North Goa that is been well celebrated for its parties will also be seen in a different without the crowd at the time of rains. It is really worth experience this at once in a life time.

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You can enjoy the white water rafting


Indeed what you have thought after reading that sentence is right, because Goa will also offer you the enjoyment of white water rafting, however, this can only happen in the month of June until September. This white water rafting will occur in the River Mhadei twice all the day. This is been organized and controlled by the GTDC, the cost of the activity is around 1800 INR for the single person that would comprise of rafting as well as pick up then drop starting from Panaji till Sattari. If you have already delight in the experience of banana boat rides and also jet skiing, then you must really give a try to this white water rafting that could be new this time at Goa.

You will be able to go for a trek in the hinterlands

trek in the hinterlands

This activity is also been arranged by the GTDC, this event happens on every Sunday which is the eco-trekking voyages at Goa on the great hinterlands. You will be able to discover the waterfalls that are been lesser known by others, wildlife sanctuaries and marvelous lakes while you trek and find several Goa’s best picturesque views. If you think that you are bored up by the beach and suppose that it is enough to relax in villas or hotels, then get ready and go for the adrenaline thrusting through this activity.

You could join monsoon festivals

In Goa, the Sunburn festival and the Goa festival are not only the one and best festival that happens to be celebrated there. The monsoon always remains to be the house for the various unfamiliar festivals which many will not about. This is really a worth festival to attend in Goa. Starting from the Sao Joao, Sangodd till Chikako in addition to Touxeachem Feast, you will for sure fall in love with the state of Goa once more at all these festivals.

Best Reason You Must Travel Goa At The Time Of Monsoon

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