Bengali – The Sweetest Language in India

Bengali – The Sweetest Language in India

UNESCO, in 2010 declared Bengali to be the sweetest language in the world. Based on their ranking, Spanish and Dutch bagged the second and third position respectively. It is just a coincidence that even the most delicious sweets have originated from Bengal. Bengalis, who live outside Bengal, are always expected to bring sweets from home for their friends when they visit their hometown.

Now, if we concentrate on the science of language, we must understand that language is not only about words, but also the tonality and the pitch of voice when we speak. Bengalis have a rich cultural heritage. Bengal has produced eminent writers, singers, directors, educationalists since ages. Bengalis have a refined and polished way of presenting themselves. They are by nature polite and take pride in their expertise in the finer arts. Bengalis are generally soft spoken, which inherently takes care of the pitch. Their tone is also refined. So even if one does not understand Bengali, the softness in the delivery will soothe his senses.

In other parts of India, a common notion is that Bengalis are born-singers and Bengalis do have a sweet voice. The number of alphabets used in Bengali words is less, so they can express their thoughts in few words and they need not have to rush on their speech. Telegu is also considered to be a sweet language but loses to Bengali on this aspect.

For each one of us, our mother tongue is the sweetest, but to compare languages to determine which one is the sweetest, opinions are taken from people who don’t understand the language. If one visits northern India, where largely Hindi, Punjabi, etc are spoken, he will find the language to be very loud as by nature these people speak in a high pitch and are pompous. In the Southern part of the country, the widely spoken languages are Tamil, Telegu,etc. There are a number of letters involved in their words and the pronunciation of the words involves the tongue a lot. The words are spoken hastily and so make them difficult to comprehend. The people in the central part and the north eastern part of the country are soft spoken, but they are not much into finer arts. So, their way of speaking is not as refined as that of Bengalis. So, in totality Bengali is sweet to hear.

Bengali is also widely spoken in Bangladesh. To give due recognition to the language in Bangladesh, erstwhile Pakistan, when Urdu was the sole official language there, the students of University of Dhaka went for a protest on 21st February, 1952. The police open fired and a number of young lives were lost. This aggravated the situation and there was continuous and wide spread agitation. Finally after 4 years, the Government recognized Bengali as an official language.  As a tribute to the movement, UNESCO declared 21st February as International Mother Language Day. No wonder, Bengali is such a sweet language.

Featured Image of Indic scripts by Rohini Lakshane under Creative Commons Share Alike

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