5 Must Have Dishes From A Bengali Kitchen

Every Bengali Kitchen has an irretrievable connection with these two main ingredients, Maach and Bhaat. Both these are the staple ingredients for a Bengali platter, and when it comes to food Bengalis and food are inseparable. The state of west Bengal is surrounded with countless number of rivers and this is truly a reason why we get to relish fresh fishes right out of the river water. Few of the most famous varieties of fishes found in West Bengal are Rohu, Hilsa, Pabda and Koi maach. There are more than 40 varieties of fishes found in Bengal.

Bengali Cuisine Is An Assortment Of Sweet & Spicy Flavours

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When it comes to flavours of the Bengali cuisine, then this particular cuisine is a perfect mixture of sweet and spicy flavours. It’s all about the delicate balance between the main ingredients and the seasoning. Even a simplest of dish gains an exquisite identity when cooked in the pungent mustard oil and then the ‘Paanch Phoron’ is added to it. Paanch Phoron is nothing but a mixture of five spices, like cumin, nigella, aniseed, fenugreek and mustard seeds. Most of the Bengali dishes are made using the Mustard Oil.

Here are 5 Dishes From A Bengali Kitchen That You Just Cannot Afford To Miss

1. Potoler Dolma

This is an exclusive dish which is among the favourites of almost all bongs. This vegetarian dish might look simple but its needs a lot of patience and dedication to actually make it. Mainly done in a vegetarian style, but these days some non-veg versions are also prepared. You can never imagine pointed gourd/potol to taste so good ever, it has simple flavours with stuffing made with coconut or some veg ingredients or even paneer. Post the stuffing is done it is mixed up with some more spices and shallow fried, it tastes best with Bhaat.

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2. Shorshe Ilish

Ilish/Hilsa Maach is the most preferable fish by the Bengali’s, this fish tops their list always and is a part of their daily meals. They cook this one dish called Shorshe ilish with the lovely mustard and to perfection. Mustard is truly a pungent spice but this dish tastes very light when it comes to spices, it’s a delicious delicacy which is one of the favourite for all Bengalis.

3. Luchi Aloo Dum

A very popular dish mostly served as breakfast. This breakfast dish is a platter that has two main components, a flat bread made of Maida known as Luchi and aloo dum. Luchi Aloo Dum is an awesome traditional Bengali dish which tops the list in the daily menu of most of the Bengali families. In fact we can also say nothing can make the Sunday morning brunch more perfect than this dish, the lightly spiced Aloo dum and perfectly round maida luchi’s, they are simply out of the world.

4. Chingri Macher Malaikari

Chingri Macher Malaikari is a very creamy preparation made with Chingri Mach (Prawns); all I can say about this dish is that it just elevates the identity of the prawns. The secret behind the creaminess of this dish is the use of coconut milk in it and no wonder it is called Malaikari. This is one all-time favourite dish for the Bengalis and tops the menu in almost all occasions.

5. Mishti Doi

Let’s end this menu with one of the most sweetest dish available from this mishti place; its the world popular Mishti Doi. This is nothing but sweet curd traditionally served in bhands (earthen bowls). The mishti doi in these pots taste are just so amazing as they get that earthen taste from the pots. Perfect blending of reduced milk with jaggery and the result is outstanding.

As I said Bengali’s love food and if you are looking to win some Bengali person’s heart then remember the way is through food.  There delicacies are truly finger licking, so dig into it and enjoy.

Featured Photo: Happy Sunday bhuribhoj. by Soumyadeep Paul

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