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Belum cave is the second largest caves located in the district of Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated 110 km’s from Kurnool and is one of the largest cave in Indian plains. This cave has got its name from Sanskrit word ‘bilum” meaning hole. The length of the cave is approx 3 km’s and the depth is up to 150ft below ground level. This is one of the well-known and most prestigious caves in the world. This cave has siphons, fresh galleries of water, spacious chambers and long passages. Belum cave is located under an agricultural field and has three cavities in which the central one is the main entrance. The charming stalagmite and stalactite formations make this caves the most attractive one in the world.


Belum cave was formed over a million of years, due to continuous limestone deposition under the earth surface. It is believed that the cavemen resided here. Dating to 4500 BC the old vessels and remnants were found here. Later this place was further occupied for meditation by the Buddhists and Jain monks. The cave was always familiar to the local public. The cave was further explored by Herbert Daniel in 1982 and soon it became prized possessions in the tourism industry of Andhra Pradesh.

Belum caves are the caves with unusual structures formed of black limestones. There are an entrance door and a maze with 16 paths. The most amazing scene is the stunning formation of rock named Saptasvarala Guha meaning the chamber of 7 notes. The musical sound striking with knuckles, bamboos, and wood is heard here. The structure of the Belum cave is devoted to that period when the Buddhist and Jain monks conquered it. Proofs of Buddhist and Jain remains were found here. A large 40 ft of Buddha’s idol, saints bed, and meditation den was found in the cave. The cave is majestic and the entrance of the cave is very beautiful. Some portion of the cave is well developed while some parts are not developed and cannot be visited by the tourist due to lack of air and light. Ducts and artificial lighting are provided throughout the cave for fresh air.

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Best Season For The Visit

Belum Cave photoPhotos by ashwin kumar,

The best time to visit Belum cave is the winter season because to cover the whole Belum the visitors needs to walk for an hour or more, so it is not possible to do so in summer or in unpleasant weather because it may result tiring. So the tourist needs to make a plan a trip when there are a pleasant weather and less humidity.

Mode Of Transportation

Belum caves can be reached by various modes of transportation. It is located in Belum village which is 106 km’s from Kurnool. A local bus or a taxi can be hired to reach the cave. While traveling from Hyderabad, a taxi can be hired. While traveling from Delhi Sampark Kranti train can be taken to Tadipatri. From this station, buses are available to reach Belum cave. In the same daily train are available from Banglore, Chennai, and Mumbai to Tadipatri and then bus can be taken to visit the cave.

Accommodation Facility

APTDC operates Punnami hotel near Belum cave. This hotel offers quarters type very cheap accommodation with 32 beds facility. The hotel is very clean and comfortable. Also, APTDC runs small shops and restaurants at the Belum cave’s entrance. Since there is no proper restaurants, shops or local stalls beside the cave so it is advisable to carry food and water by urself. Good accommodations are also available in Banganpalli and Tadipatri which are few km’s away from the cave.

Major Attractions In Belum Cave

The beautiful statue of Buddha is something that attracts the visitors in Belum caves. The 40 ft statue of Buddha depict the contributions of Jain monks in these caves.

Belum Cave photoPhotos by ashwin kumar,

The meditation hall is another remarkable one found in Belum caves. The styling and rock cutting is amazing and the ambiance is very calm and peaceful. It is believed that many sagas, Jain monks lived here spend their time for meditating and worshipping.

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A thousand hoods is also another beautiful part found in Belum cave. In the ceiling, one can find the formations that are shaped in the form of the hood of cobras. The scene is really amazing.

The musical chamber is another thing found here which makes this cave worth visiting. The formation here produces forms which relate to some musical sound. They are struck with wooden sticks which sound really amazing.

The Mandapam is another thing at Belum cave which describes its interiors full of monumental structure and historical pillars. The environment of this place is very pleasant and take you to the different world.

The saint’s bed is another important thing found in Belum cave. The gray colored stone recliner is considered to be the bed for various monks who resided in this cave. It looked really amazing and holds historical importance and significance.

The surreal rock formations seen in Belum caves depict that great things can happen when the water meets limestone.

The stunning sinkholes is another beautiful spectacle found here which is the collapsed bowl shaped feature.

The tangled passage in Belum cave is sure to intrigue and excite you. These passages carry historical significance. The passages are tangled and long and the structures are amazing.

The banyan tree look is quite magnificent. The look is due to aerial roots also called Voodalamari. The huge formations on the pillars are found hanging in the ceiling.

The natural creation created by complicated formations add beauty to Belum caves. The natural sculptures found here are Simhadwaram and Kotilingalu chamber.

The Pillidwaram is another natural arch found here in Belum cave. The arch is in shape of the lions head. It is also referred to as cats gate. This feature is very beautiful and depicts the skill of the workers who created this.

All the features mentioned make the Belum cave the most amazing tourist spot and should not be missed.

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Belum Cave – Andhra Pradesh

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