Begum Bazaar – Largest Commercial Market In Hyderabad

Shopping is an inherent aspect of humans. You may be a local or you may be a traveller. The crave to explore a market is a passion for many. And what if you are transported inside a wholesale market with limitless products around you. I bet you will not able to stop your purchasing spree. Hyderabad offers you one of those fabulous opportunities in Begum Bazaar.

Begum Bazaar is an old market in the city and one of the largest commercial markets too. Innumerable items are housed and sold inside the market. Wholesalers and retailers occupy a huge area inside the market, trading a variety of items. It is said that crores of deals are bargained every day in the bazaar.

The History….

The Bazaar had earned its name from Humda Begum. She was the spouse of Asaf Jah II, the second Nizam of Hyderabad. She had gifted the land to the traders and merchants of the city. The purpose of the gift was to operate the trade and commerce business efficiently. The market gradually developed and flourished and was lovingly named as Begum Bazaar as a mark respect to Her Highness.

The shops are owned and run by the group of merchants from the Marwadi communities. Though few belong to some of the families originating from Hyderabad. During the reign of the Nizaam, the Marwadis had migrated from Rajasthan into the city. Well-known for their business acumen, the Nizaam welcomed them to the state and permitted them to set up their trading business.

The Wide Array of Products at the Market…..

Name any product and yes you can easily sort it out at the market. The local people crowd to purchase most of their household items from here. Retailers too visit the market to bulk purchase products for their business. Utensils, cutleries, and decorative items are found in large quantities with different shapes and sizes. The items are sold inside a subunit called Mangal Bazaar. Every Thursday, a special section is opened for selling many household products called the Jumerat Bazaar.

The fish market inside is huge, being the second largest in the city. Wide varieties of fish are sold inside a single large area. Many fish sellers and retailers purchase for their respective local markets and stalls inside the city and its adjacent regions.

Precious stones and jewellery are found in abundance in many of the shops. If you have plans for a wedding, then it is the best place to sort and select some of the amazing ornamental pieces. The advantage is the prices are less than the other shops in the city coupled with the option of choosing from the amazing collections. This particular section is especially interesting, sparkling with the colourful ornaments of gold, silver and other valuable metals.

Dry fruits and sweets are prominent items sold in the market. You can savour your sweet desires by visiting the famous Satyanarayan Mithai Bhandar. The dry fruits section is tempting, spreading an aroma of their captivating smell around. You are bound to be allured to visit the section.

For the tech-savvy people, this place is ideal as you can locate multiple electronic and electric shops inside the market. In fact, you can select from the various brands at reasonable prices.

You must visit the market during the festival seasons. The shops flourish dazzling dresses, stylish footwears, decorative lights, candles and diyas and other handcrafted gifts and home decors.

Fruit sellers and vegetable sellers are a common sight inside the market. You can shop for some rare and exotic fruits and veggies. It is best suited to purchase in bulk, though there are certain retail shops present for minimal purchase too. Just adjacent to the Bazaar, you can also visit the Moazzam Jahi market especially famous for being the largest market selling vegetables and fruits.

Interesting Aspect of the Market…

Inside the market, there is a special Mandapam or holy platform with Lord Ganesha. The idol of the Lord is symbolic as the usher of wealth and prosperity. The merchants and traders of the market community seek the Lord’s blessings before starting their day. He is the protector of business communities and guides them to their success.

The Bazaar is well connected to the rest of the parts of the city. You can either avail the bus to reach the nearest bus stand or board the train to reach Nampally railway station.

Featured Photo of ‘Hyderabad bazaar’ by Ryan under CC BY 2.0

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