Bangdi Bazaar- A Shopaholic’s Delight In Rajkot

The Saurashtra region of Gujarat houses a sprawling city with bustling attire. It might not be the first destination whenever a travel junkie plans a visit somewhere. But, owing to its histories kept hidden in places, it introduces you to the bygone days. What’s more exciting is the place also lets you explore the utmost of its natural allure. Amid all these amusing experiences, Rajkot wins praises for its old market place – Bangdi Bazaar.

Introducing Bangdi Bazaar and its alleyways

Through the narrow zig-zag lanes and the cul-de-sac alleys, Bangdi enjoys prominence in the hearts of shopaholics traveling from far and wide. It is even a local’s shopping street corner that attracts a huge number of crowds. Travelers get crazy when they plan for shopping in Rajkot and end up visiting this bazaar. So vibrant and eye-catching this place is! One who has already got a taste of the local culture in Bangdi already thinks of visiting the market one more time, at least before leaving Rajkot. See how it has become a woman’s treasure hub!

A woman’s treasure hub

To mention Bangdi Bazaar as a woman’s treasure hub will fairly not be an overstatement. After all, it describes the kind of vibrancy and beauty that a woman would always love to get hold of when she thinks of getting her accessories right. To mention a few, you get mesmerizing collections of , embroidered fabrics, and beadworks, which will honestly grab your attention. This place holds prominence for the artwork in silver imitation jewelry, bangles, footwear, and garment; to mention some.

A woman who picks up her accessories right, respects the form of art. And, this bazaar just helps women from far and wide to grab their attention and buy their favorite jewelry and garments. Yes, you read that right. This marketplace also offers beautiful garments of many kinds. When you are in Rajkot and you think shopping, this place is going to be your safest and most perfect destination. Shopping in Rajkot has new meanings when it comes to Bangdi market.

A glimpse of Sonis and their prominence

Ever since the advent of the market, Sonis have been the traditional community of goldsmiths and silversmiths working in this area. They are the professionals who display their authentic art in the form of jewelry and other forms of collections. The market place also offers gold and silver jewelry apart from imitation collections. Get to witness the beautiful collection and get mesmerized with the displays. It is the community of Sonis, for which the market breathes joy and bustles. If vibrancy is the life of this market, Sonis are the breaths! Upon your visit, you should ensure to bargain in the best possible ways you can in order to purchase things like:

Jewelry (Bangles, neck pieces, earring): You can get bangles in a multitude of varieties from imitation to silver, and more.

Garment: There are beautiful clothes available in the market. You can buy your favorite garment of your style. But, make sure to bargain with them.

Watches: If you want to buy a stylish watch at a reasonable price, then this shopping place in Rajkot is going to amaze you with a wide range of watch collections.

Footwear: The shopping place in Rajkot also offers a multitude of variation when it comes to footwear. Select the one suiting your needs!

So, if you plan a visit to Rajkot anytime soon, make sure that you include this shopping place in Rajkot in your travel itinerary.

Featured Photo of ‘Rajasthan Trip 2013’ by Piyush Kumar under CC BY 2.0

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