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4162158669 Eca4406b29 Bangalore Falls

The residents of Bangalore have one more reason to rejoice, and it is in the form of the Bangalore Niagara Falls. A replica of the original Niagara Falls would be soon opened to the public at the Lalbagh Gardens. In this context, it is important to note that almost 70 percent of the work has been completed and this iconic attraction would be ready in less than two months. It is indeed a proud moment for the Bangaloreans as they can now flock to this particular place to witness the beauty of this structure. Bangalore has a lot of factors to attract visitors all throughout India, and if this Bangalore Niagara Falls comes into existence, then it would be icing on a cake. It would place Bangalore which is known as the IT hub of India in the tourism map of India.

The aspects of visiting the Bangalore Niagara Falls

When open to the visitors, the people can enjoy the Bangalore Niagara Falls from a height of 25 feet. Water for this Bangalore Niagara Falls would be drawn from the Lalbagh Lake, and the Bangalore horticulture department is responsible for carrying out this task. It is one of those places of interest in the IT city of India which would also place it on the tourist spot and in this manner Bangalore would be called as the ideal place for travelers too. A whopping amount of 2.7 crore INR has been spent by the Bangalore Horticulture Department, and the location would also comprise of various small lakes and gardens which would be an bonus for the likes of tourists. As per various chief authorities who are overseeing the development work of the Bangalore Niagara Falls, it would be a place where one can find multiple eateries too. Hence, the Lalbagh Gardens is all set to become one of the major tourist attractions in Bangalore.

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Lalbagh Gardens photo










Photo by Rishu83

A brief overview of this iconic project

The visitors to the botanical gardens would be in for a surprise when they would witness the Bangalore Niagara Falls. It would be a place where they can observe water cascading down a height of 25 feet and in a width of 120 feet. It would find its place in history and would put Bangalore in the travel map of India. The trial runs are set to be conducted and in all probability would a success. The Bangalore Horticulture Department funds it, and the work is being carried out by the public works department. It is being constructed near an existing rock cliff and would be open to the public in January.

The other advantages of the Bangalore Niagara Falls

Apart from placing Bangalore in the travel and tourism map, the falls would assist in getting rid of microscopic algae. It has rendered the Lalbagh Lake with a greenish tinge, and its water cannot be used for other purposes. On the other hand, water pollution is also prevalent in the Lalbagh Lakes as untreated sewage and garbage are being thrown despite strict rules. The Bangalore Niagara Falls is all set to evict these problems as water from a height of 25 feet would displace the green algae as well as untreated sewage. Moreover, it is excellent news for the likes of birdwatchers in Bangalore as with this structure; birds would again be back. Green algae prevent birds to sight birds, and this is the reason that the environmentalists are also supporting this project.

Lalbagh Lake photo











Photo by mckaysavage

Safety precautions in the Bangalore Niagara Falls

As it would be situated at a great height, it is widespread for accidents to take place. Keeping this fact in mind, the city municipal department has decided to install CCTV cameras at every point. Moreover, as there would be a lot of flowers, it is common for visitors to pluck them. To thwart these attempts, proper safety measures have been taken. Now it is just a matter of time when Bangalore sees its first Niagara Falls.

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Featured Photo byh0lydevil

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