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India is famous for different religions, languages, castes and color, in similar way, Indian food is also different from state to state, region to region. Every region’s food and diet habits are different from other region and gives a unique taste and form to the food. The diet of the East, West, North and South India is very different from each other. It is India’s specialty and may be because of these variations, different taste and nutrition, today, even in abroad, people often like to go to Indian restaurants only for Indian food and there are Indian restaurants in all major countries of the world, which are very popular.

Considering all these varieties, every region’s food is initiated from its culture, weather conditions and agriculture background. Orissa faces drastic rise in temperature during summer. To beat this boiling sun and scorching temperature with full swing, Odia people have many delicious yet simple recipes, that helps them to revitalize their body and beat the sun. In general, Odia people consume Fish, Rice, Curd, variety of Dal and mustard oil in their regular diet. But “Badi Chura” attracted my mind the most.

I visited Orissa to meet my Odia friend living there. I was so overwhelmed with their culture and food habits. People from Orissa don’t prefer too oily food nor too sweet nor too spicy. The food is just perfect. Less oil, easy to digest and easy to make. I had many famous Odian dishes like Water Rice (Dahi Pakhala), famous Fish Fry (Macha Bhaja), Dalma, variety of Pitthas, dry dishes, gravy dishes and my very favorite Badi Chura.

Badi Churma is one of the popular side dish made in almost every Odia house. It is crispy and spicy yet tangy in taste. It is commonly served with water rice during lunch time and is easy to make with some common ingredients in the kitchen.

Badi is the main ingredient to make Badi Churma. It is made from variety of lentils, like mung dal or urad dal or with the combination of different dals. Badi is made during summer time and once ready, it can last for a year as it is dry and can be preserved. Badi is nothing but a dumpling, made from dal, Red chili powder, Garlic, Ginger and Salt. This whole mixture is grinded into a fine paste and then the is dried under the sun rays until the mixture takes a solid shape. The crispy and tiny structure formed, is nothing but Badi. Due to modernization or say busy schedules, women now days, also prepare Badi in Oven instead of drying it under sun rays.

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bhel puri photoPhoto by jasonlam

To start making the Badi Chura, place the Badis on hit with oil and let it change its color to golden brown. Roast the peanuts and grind it with golden brown Badis, coriander, Onion, Green chilies, Clove, Garlic, Ginger and Salt, until it breaks into small pieces but not like fine paste. It is then garnished with some onion rings and coriander leaves. It can be served with Pakhla (Water Rice) or with simple Curd Rice, Lemon Rice and Sev during lunch time or can be served as a snack. There is variety in making the Badi Chura as per one’s liking and taste. As in some people like it without Onion, some prefer it with Onion. Some people don’t like Garlic, some may add more garlic in it. But, with all the variations, the taste and liking for Badi Chura still remains same in Orissa. It is very easy to make and easy to digest as well. The healthy recipe is liked and appreciated by almost all the Orissa people.

To beat the heat and to stay healthy, I hope this easy dish will add healthy yet tasty taste to your meal.

Featured Photo by Aaron Gustafson

Badi Churma –Eat Healthy And Stay Healthy- Orissa Special

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