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Grab Your Cameras And Give Bada Bagh A Visit Right Away!

There’s no doubt on how innovation in architecture is essential, especially when it comes to preserving and restoring the old monuments. Not only does it redesign our ancient belongings but innovating architecture also ensures a safer visit, on the tourists’ front. So, as a whole, rearticulating a historical building does make sense, specifically when you have a keen interest in making your voyage to a historical location. And if you have already booked your tickets for Rajasthan and are excited to visit the Thar Desert, then visiting Bada Bagh will be real adventures, especially if you love digging into the history. By any possibility, if you are a photography enthusiast and are in need of variety, you can travel to Rajasthan and visit this place. But before you proceed, here’s a little to know about Barabagh.

Grab Your Cameras And Give Bada Bagh A Visit Right Away!
Bada Bagh Fort by timeflicks under CC BY-ND 2.0

Bada Bagh in a Nutshell

If you visit the Jaisalmer Fort, recommendations are rife to have a glance at the top. From atop, have a glimpse of the horizon far off. You will glance out some outstanding historical structure, particular hued in golden – The Bara Bagh, safely renowned as Big Garden or Barabagh. The complex is situated on the way to Ramgarh in Rajasthan. In a nutshell, you will get to come across the historical belongings after you make your trip to Jaisalmer.

Bara Bagh’s Eye-catching Niceties

A place built in regards to the passed away royal kings and queens, Bara Bagh is now a savior to tourists who have eerie thoughts about the place. Visiting the site would introduce you the typical tomb shaped cenotaphs, specifically known as Chhatris. There are simple stone structures with amazing carvings. For the simple information that you will have to need after you visit Rajasthan, the Jaisalmer Bada Bagh distance is also not far off.

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On the designing front, the place has an abandoned look. Hither and thither, you will get to witness a lot of crumbling structures. Within the first row of the cenotaphs, you will get to see marble slabs in each alongside a figure of a man on the horseback, thereby representing the ruler in a whole. The more massive structures are scattered in between the smaller ones, representing smaller royal member like the prince. After viewing the first row of cenotaphs, you will have a glimpse of the second row by climbing up the hill. Explore the view of the stunning Barabagh and experience the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset. Apart from that, the Bada Bagh timings and Bada Bagh Jaisalmer entry fee are amazingly reasonable.

Amazing Services 

First off, the services of the place are pretty handy. You have the option of traveling there anytime, for the Bada Bagh timings are convenient. It is open for 24*7. Second off, talking about the tickets, the Barabagh Jaisalmer entry fee is pretty money-saving. You will just have to pay twenty bucks if you’re Indian. For foreign tourists, the cost is still the same along with the option for still photography. But if you want to try your hands on videography, then the charge is Rs. 50 per camcorder. Third, the Jaisalmer Bada Bagh distance is also not far off, so traveling to the place directly from Jaisalmer would not cost you an arm or a leg.

This compiles the guide to know about the whys and wherefores of visiting Bada Bagh. In a nutshell, the place is wonderfully crafted. And if you want to taste the innovative, rich, and ancient culture, then your voyage to Barabagh would be a safer bet. Keep watching this space for more travel guides that would be coming up in the near future.

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Featured Photo: Bada Bagh by Honza Soukup under CC BY 2.0

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